A Visit and offer of our knitted handmade wokr at refugees’s children in Kalymnos

Today, on February 1st, 2016, on 12:30 at noon we visited the houses hosting refugees and the central accommodation at the beach Kasonia a delegation of female students of the 2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos knitting group with the help of the school Director Mrs. Zacharoula Koutsoumbou and shook knitted braids, 7 sets of scarves and caps (14 knitted handmade), 6 medium-size caps, 3 scarf and a vest, leg warmers for hands. Also handed knitted who made the ladies of KAPI Tripoli 24 sets caps-necks or scarves (42 knitted handmade), 5 pairs of gloves, three vests for children, 1 baby cardigan and 2 pairs terlikia, 15 children girly pantyhose and shoes – boots children.

We felt great emotions, warmth and joy with the joy of young children receiving the caps, the experiencing of coming others and others at our calling and mothers and fathers animated and smiled pointing to the children their caps resembling like dolls with the schedules on them. Mothers thanking excited. How beautiful is the love that finds a way to smiles, gestures, speaking words from many languages ​​to warm people! We thought the lesson of the ancient greek language: “How cute is the man when he is a man”!

Here are photos with children and their caps to share the emotion, gratitude to the ladies of KAPI Tripoli who helped us to live so much joy, the joy of selfless giving and giving people with loving hearts. We will try to weave quickly and others to go back.


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