Focus on the Weather: Life in Various Climate Zones

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Youth Cultural Center no. 1 English Club Blog

Last Saturday, we watched a short movie clip from the Northern Exposure series, starring Rob Morrow. In the series, Rob Morrow plays a physician (Dr. Joel Fleischman) who got a scholarship to complete his studies, and then had to “pay it back” by working in extreme conditions in Cicely, Alaska.

We were wondering what it would be like to live in a country where only one type of climate dominates. Magda chose a windy area, Zosia – living in the North Pole, and Piotr – living on the Equator.

We put our Dr. Fleischman-inspired character in all the extreme conditions, and here’s how we imagined his life:

Constant wind

Joel moves somewhere where the wind is always blowing. He lives in a low, small house with thick and strong walls. It has got very small windows. He wakes up early in the morning and goes to work. He builds houses, and it’s…

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