Our Amazing Christmas Commercial Class!

Wonderful job! Congratulations to all your team! Thank you sharing!

Youth Cultural Center no. 1 English Club Blog

The credit for this class mostly goes to Kieran Donaghy and his fab Film English site, which our teacher uses a lot. Among many others, Kieran published there a lesson on the Christmas commercial featuring Buster the Boxer.

We were also inspired by Magdalena Wasilewska, who focused on the now-well-known tearjerker, English for Beginners.

We started off by discussing the first commercial, and then we moved on to discuss the “I’m your grandpa” one.

But there was a twist! 🙂

Our teacher told us to focus on finding all the similarities between the two commercials, and we figured they were:

  • a young girl
  • a dog
  • a family (mum and dad, or mum, dad and grandpa)
  • a Christmas tree/ornaments
  • gifts
  • emotions
  • family atmosphere

Once we discovered the similarities, our teacher told us to… design a Christmas commercial for a toothbrush! We were to use our findings in it.

Of course, the…

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