From a Work in Modern Greek Texts – Letter to the victims of Hiroshima

In Orthodox theology living in operating time, ie. the time sanctified by the coming of Jesus Christ and when I go to the temple to worship Him then the past, present and future become one eternity. For this purpose, the Christian can experience every event, to empathize with sins and enjoy the virtues of  fellowmen earn their way to the kingdom of God. For this reason we welcome the expression of feelings of our students are up to date every time.

Letter to the victims of Hiroshima

My dear fellow men,
I learned recently about all this calamity and horror that happened in your town by dropping the atomic bomb on August 6, 1945. I understand how painful it is the memory of this day for all of you stay alive and then especially for young children. So I decided to send you this letter to express my sorrow and give you courage.
I know that the consequences of dropping an atomic bomb is horrific. It can be caused directly deformities, burns slow and painful death. But and in the future it very bad consequences, and causes serious diseases, including various cancers and leukemia, but monsterborn men and mutations affecting subsequent generations, if you become ill and are not directly exposed to radioactivity.
Apart from diseases and deformities, I try imagine how deep are the traumas you have marked. Lament for all you people who perished seems to never be enough. The terrible memories for all those who believe that they have spent carve your soul and make you live in fear and terror for what is likely to happen in the next generations. However I admire you because you never abandoned the effort to make all these destroyed then.
I hope from the depths of my soul might be able to overcome the horrors you lived your life and be happier. You truly deserve it. The hit of 1945 is a blot on mankind and showed us all the harmful effects of radiation and of hatred and war. That NEVER AGAIN! .
Theofilis Vouis (B1)
 Dearest Misiko,
θύματα της χιροσίμαYou’re another one of the thousands of victims left by the explosion of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima in 1945. I know how you  suffered from terrible pain and the frustration of expectations for your treatment and I don’t think what I could tell you to give value to the you.
But the words are poor and the questions have no easy answer. How could they do this? Just inexplicable and Inappropriate their part. Part of the perpetrators, but irresponsible people who let it happen so horrible. But now the evil has been done. Sometimes I try to imagine your life after the explosion, but it is not working ..  it’s  so hard for me to grasp the magnitude of evil. Especially for you that you’re there, you live!
Sure, we will never truly understand the magnitude of the disaster. But I promise to convey the messages of peace in all generations, to everyone, everywhere! I promise, I’ll be one of those who will fight against any form of war and will not let happen again similar crime against humanity! Be strong, we are also “victims of Hiroshima,” to remember.
With love,
Angela Karioti (B1)


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