The meaning of the Feast of Annunciation, as taught by our Orthodox icon of the Annunciation

Orthodox theology teaches us through the image of the Immaculate Conception. We celebrate Annunciation at 25th of March.
In the picture of the Annunciation, the angel moves into the area and we understand from the long march and the fanning of the cornea. Holding the scepter in his hand indicates power given to them by God and also states the importance of what he has said to the Virgin. And finally, it is calm because he does not want to scare the Virgin Mary.
The Virgin moves down her bowed face reflects unease and fear of the appearance of the angel. With hand raised questions shows how to give birth to the Messiah, since she knows that’s never going to know a  man as husband as she chose live in virginity, that is dedicated exclusively forever and only God. The smile on her face shows the positive response to the message of the angel. The angel comes in this picture while Virgin Mary is working. At this picture it shows the hours in prayer or study hours and it shows us how we should live every day to work, to study and to pray always.
(From the work in this course for the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary by the Archangel Gabriel). evangelismos_annonciation

By Mousellis Manolis, B2


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