How do you celebrate New Year’s Eve?

My last Christmas


By:Alvaro De Guzman Juaneda

My last cristmas holidays was incredibly, I stayed in Cartagena, I didn´t good marks and I had to study all Cristmas but they were good holidays.

At Christmas Eve I stayed in my house with my parents, my Brothers, my cousins, my uncles and my two grandmothers. The dinner was delicious and the dessert too. Then, at twelve o’clock, Santa brought gifts. He brought me a pair of shoes and a DC sweatshirt, which was well.

At the next day was the Christmas day and again all come to my house to eat. My grandmother Charo made his tradicional cuisine of Alicante, it’s delicious. We stayed there to six o’clock, my cousins are very fun.

Then, at the last night of Christmas nobody came to my house, it is strange, I was with my parents my three Brothers and my grandmother. And we had dinner, and then we ate the twelve grapes ( I lacked one… ) and we welcome the new year two thousand and twelve. Then I went to a party with my friends, it was great.

Then, in the magic Three Wise Men night we saw the street parade and I saw the three magic Kings. When the parade finished, we ate the tradicional hot chocolate with my family.
At the next day, when we got up, we saw the gifts of the magic kings. They brought me a lot of clothing, a picture of The Beatles ( My favourite music group ) others shoes and a video game. Later, my family came to my house and they had more gifts for us and we also had some for them. The a
ll ate in my house.

My christmas of 2011

FºJavier llorens Fernandez

In my last Christmas of 2011 I had a good time. I went to Maria (Spain) on December 23 to spend with my family Christmas eve. “Noel Dad” gave us many presents. Then I went with many five cousins and my two sisters to the park and after thirty minutes we went to sleep. The next day I went with many friends of the my parents and family.. We were many people. After lunch we went to Cartagena, except my little sister she went to Huercal-Overa. When I arrived Cartagena I went with some friends. The next day we went to Murcia to visit a cousin of my mother. Then we went to lunch with my mother cousins and my family. After a while we were with 5 more friends from my cousins Alejandro.

Day 24th of December of 2011

The 24th of December we went with my family to the Club official naval army to eat , after my two brothers and me went to play football.

Day 28th of December of 2011

The 28th of December my family and me , went to Huercal-Overa. When we went to my grandparent´s house, there were my sisters and my many cousins. Then we went to Cartagena

Day 31th of December of 2011

The 31th of December is new years eve, we celebrated with my grandparents new years eve in Cartagena

Day 5th of January of 2011

The 5th of January 2011 some friends went to see the street parade of the magic kings

My last Xmas

Hector Cesar Garcia-Carreño Martinez

From the 21th of December to the 27th I stayed at home but after the 27th I was in my cousins house in Antas(Almeria,Spain).

When I was in Antas it was snowing and some days it was raining the whole day

But the problem was that I was ill in bed 3 of the 4 days with my cousins .With some headache and stomacache

The Day 31 I went to Cartagena with my family and I celebrated the new years eve .

The last days of the holidays I stayed at home because I had to study to resist 1 subject that I failed .

But All the Hollidays I visited friends and some members of my family.


In Spain Chistmas starts on 24th December and finish the 6th January.

#The most important days are:

-24th December: It is Goodnight, normaly the family go to dinner at one house and on TV are specials programes for this night.

Some families give presents, but not all because it is not a Christian tradition.

-25th December: Christmas Day.

-31th December: Old night. Families have dinner in a house and at the 24 we eat “Las 12 uvas” and later some people go to a disco to a New Year Party.

-1st January: New Year day.

-6th January: The Three Wise Men Day. This day the the families go to eat and they give presents. This day all people give presents because this is a tradition in Spain. The tipical dessert is “Roscón de reyes” and Chistmas sweets.

#Christmas decoration:

-The “Belen”. Here we have the Jesus kid, Mery, Saint Jose, Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar, the three magic kings, around the kid we have the camels.

-Christmas tree. This is only in some houses because it isn’t Christian.

María Luisa Aranda

3rd. A CSE6


Christmas is a time when the Christians remember the birth of Jesus.

In our country we celebrate it in December and January.

In this time we decorate the house with births, decorations and Christmas trees. It’s a highly anticipated time for all because you can see many people that you didn’t see in a long time.


Families gather around the table and they sing carols and telling family stories, especially in Christmas Eve and the first day of Christmas.2


The night of 31st of December we celebrate the Year’s Eve and the beginning of the new year. In Spain is custom to start the year eating twelve grapes, one for each month of the year. People say that if you eat all the grapes during the twelve strokes you’ll have a year full of luck.


Before this celebration, children write letters asking to the Magic Kings the presents that they want to bring them from the East. They receive these presents the night between the 5th and 6th of January.


Towns are decorated with lights and Christmas trees that bring joy to the streets and transmit peace.

Shops are decorated with Christmas motifs and you can hear Christmas carols all around.7

In this holiday special dishes are prepared like the stuffed chicken, meatballs, sea food and fish. The people also eat special Christmas sweets like nougat candy.




Christmas in Switzerland there is much snow and it is very cold, children play with sleds and make snowmen. On Christmas Eve many families meet for dinner, sing carols and give presents around the tree, decorating with lots of candles. The week before Christmas, children dress up and visit homes with many small gifts. Bell ringing has become a tradition, and each village competes with the next when calling people to midnight mass. After the service, families get together to share huge homemade donuts called ringli and hot chocolate. In Switzerland, the Chlausjagen Festival or Feast of St. Nichohlas is celebrated at dusk on 6 December with a procession of “lifeltrager’ wearing many gigantic illuminated lanterns in the shape of a Bishop’s mitre on their heads.


The Christmas celebration in France has different traditions in every region of the country. Besides December 25th, in the East and the North of France the Christmas season begins on December 6 with the Fete de Saint Nicolas, and in some provinces the Fete des Rois or Epiphany or January 6 is the most celebrated date in the station. On 8 December the Fete de Lumieres on which too many citizens pay homage to the Virgin Mary by placing candles in the Windows of all the houses to illuminate the city is celebrated in Lyon. Tradition has it that the candles are left to illuminate the passing of Mary in his pilgrimage. All public buildings are illuminated especially in large cities like Paris. There are a lot of lights.

2  3


Hello, my name is Marta and I`ll tell you about Christmas in Spain. The streets are filled with lot of coloured lights and trees are decorated. The tradition is that the night of 24th of December the family dinner, many carols are sung and eaten much nougat. The morning of 30th of December held and elegant dinner with family and friends. The 1st of January is going to eat together as a family.

4  5


The Christmas in England can be a magical experience, full of traditions and fun and delicious food, a lot of beautifully decorated and lit trees are a symbol of Christmas in England, and we use many lights to brighten the streets and our homes more than we do at any other time of year. A lot of Carols from Kings, on the radio in the late afternoon, starts my Christmas celebrations. I light a few candles and sit down with a cup of tea or a glass of wine to listen. After a light dinner, children hang their stockings by the fireplace and wait for Santa Claus to bring them gifts.

Marta Sanchez Castillo

 Raquel Albaladejo Mendez

Mercedes Gomez Consuegra

Lucia Perez Perez

3rd. A CSE


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