Colegio Santa Joaquina de Vedruna, Cartagena, Spain




What days do you celebrate?

Christmas Day is on December twenty-five, school holidays start on twenty-first, the twenty-four day on Christmas eve I eat with my aunts and Christmas day dinner with my grandparents.

What do I do and when?

On Christmas day I wake up the first, go to the Christmas tree to open gifts and after lunch I see the gifts.

Who give and receive presents and when?

Christmas day my parents, my grandparents and my uncles give us gifts to me, my sister and my cousins​​.
My sister and I bought a gift for my mother and one for my father.

What customs do you have?

People usually celebrate Christmas because it is an ancient festival. Christmas customs in younger children are hanging a sock so that when they wake up is full of goodies and put a glass of milk for her to drink Santa Claus.

Juan Sánchez

3rd. C CSE




In my country we celebrate Christmas Eve, Christmas day, New Year’s Eve, New Year and the Three Wise Men Day.

In Christmas Eve, we eat a lot of things, like “turrón”, a type of chocolate tablet but done with honey, eggs, almonds… “Polvorones” a type of small cake with sugar, And, for dinner, we eat sometimes soup with meatballs. We eat Spanish Ham too and Cheese.

In my country everybody receives presents by the Three Wise Men (Three imaginary wizards who have more than two thousand years) the sixth of January.

We put the Christmas tree with a Star in the top. We put the barn, where Jesus was born.

We celebrate Christmas Eve with our families. We sing Christmas Carols, and everybody drinks Cava or Sidra.

Francisco Miranda Alcaraz

Pedro Javier Navarro Mengual,

Pablo Martínez Rubio,

Borja Zaplana Méndez,

Pablo López Ros

Fernando Saura Lasheras

3rd. C CSE



Hi, my name is Aaron Lidon Angosto. Last year we celebrated Christmas in family,with my mum´s and my father´s family.

We had lunch in my grandmother´s house and after having coffe we sang a Christmas song, and sometimes the adults were playing monopoly and other games.

After we went for a walk for shopping, there were many people dressed as Sheppards and Santa,we always buy together hot chestnuts.

Then we came back to my grandmother’s house, there are two large dogs and we played soccer with them until dinnertime. After dinner we continued singing carols.


Aarón Lidón

3rd. B CSE

My last year christmas:

Last year I celebrated Christmas in Albacete with my mother´s family.

At Christmas eve all the family had dinner in my grandparents´ and then after dinner we went to my uncle´s restaurant to celebrate Christmas eve.

Next day it was the Christmas day with my parents, me and my sister had for breakfast crullers with chocolate. Then we went to the Christmas tree and we opened the presents. My present was a road bicycle and from that day my favourite sport is cycling. Later we went to my other grandparents´ and all my father´s family came to eat. It was so funny.

The new year´s eve we all had dinner in the beach house and we celebrated the new year.6

Juan Antonio del Olmo Fernández

Diego de Jódar Banacloig

José Espín

3rd. B CSE



agiaoikogeneia_tHi !I’m Angeles Abaladejo Garcia to talk about my Christmas day last year. Christmas day is 25 of December.This day is spent with my family.When I wake up,I run to see the presents that Santa Claus has left and after that I have breakfast with my parents and my brother.We will later go to my grandparents´ house with my cousins and my uncles.This is a funny day that we spend with my family.
Hi, I’m Maria del Mar. The Christmas of last year happened in my house with my family. With my four brothers and my grandmother and grandfather. We ate octopus, baked potatoes, salad and many other things but the main dish was the stuffed chicken, my mother bought it because I like a lot, and we had cake for dessert. After dinner we saw all the family photos with my cat. Later we went to the living room and saw all the gifts and stayed all night talking to family and enjoying the gifts. Christmas was a lot of fun.
Hello! I´m talking about christmas.I celebrated my christmas with my mum,dad and brothers in my house.Days before Christmas we were preparing all.In the living room we put together the Christmas tree.Mum and I went to buy dinner. The Christmas night, my family and I has dinner and went to the bed,the next day we opened the presents and ate.
elata1Hello! I’m going to talk about Christmas time: When Christmas time approaches, in my house we put a very large tree and decorate it, the streets are filled with lights and we are very happy. The 25th December all my family are going to my grandmother’s house and eat and spend the day together. Everyone must bring a present for another and we play ”invisible friend”. I love Christmas because it is a time of joy and meet the family.
Hello, my name is Begoña. My past Christmas was celebrated in my uncle’s House with my brothers and my cousins, but in my house we assembled a tree adorned with scoops of colors and lights.  When we arrived at my uncle’s House have just set the table and while we took a snack we expected to those who were missing come. We blessed the table and started eating and when we finished eating my cousin got the tambourine and we started to sing Christmas carols and the older gave the aguinaldo to small cousins.It is a time of joy and to meet the family.
ChristmasChristmas is a time when the Christians remember the birth of Jesus.In our country we celebrate it in December and January.

In this time we decorate the house with births, decorations and Christmas trees. It’s a highly anticipated time for all because you can see many people that you didn’t see in a long time.

ideas decoracion arbol de navidad wild style magazine

Families gather around the table and they sing carols and telling family stories, especially in Christmas Eve and the first day of Christmas.


The night of 31st of December we celebrate the Year’s Eve and the beginning of the new year. In Spain is custom to start the year eating twelve grapes, one for each month of the year. People say that if you eat all the grapes during the twelve strokes you’ll have a year full of luck.

Before this celebration, children write letters asking to the Magic Kings the presents that they want to bring them from the East. They receive these presents the night between the 5th and 6th of January.


Towns are decorated with lights and Christmas trees that bring joy to the streets and transmit peace.

Shops are decorated with Christmas motifs and you can hear Christmas carols all around.


In this holiday special dishes are prepared like the stuffed chicken, meatballs, sea food and fish. The people also eat special Christmas sweets like nougat candy.



Bego Murcia López

Angeles Albaladejo,

Cristina Blasco,

Maria Isabel Pedrero

Maria del Mar Perez

3rd. B CSE

By Pilar Esteban


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