2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece – Cinema and Religion!

The strength of the team through the animation!The orthodox theology showed us the truth about the existence of a God who is both loving communion of saints Three Persons, different, but inextricably united in one God! By  this way it teaches us that people like us made us happy through a loving communion of persons. In our family, in the strictest sense, conventional, through the concept of society in which we live, we are transformed into people who enjoy the human-divine Communion in the Church, where we become the Body of Christ with Him the Head. At the same time we experience the security that unity in one Divine-human person gives us and we acquire the right to be different, to speak with a variety of emotions, judgments, desires without the  fear that when turned in a  wrong way others will throw us out or we will be marginalized. The existence of the League of Persons of the Trinity allows us to be unique and invaluable through the power that gives us communication between us, through the power of the group.

We gathered a group video animation which gives the message that we above described, and we present the thoughts of our students on the common idea. Enjoy the video and our thoughts and if you pleased could you kind enough to join your own because we consider them also invaluable and unique! Welcome!
penguinshttps :/ / i2.ytimg.com/vi/1qzzYrCTKuk/mqdefault.jpg




Zachariou Mikes, B1: The common theme in these videos is teamwork and cooperation. Ants argue and save one another with the help of obedience themseves in a leader who knows how to coordinate them without the risk of losing. The penguins are not scared, they faced the enemy. And when you do not know to synnergazesai like those birds, get everything in fooling others who are different from you … and learn how asthanotan and when he mocks you!

penguinsAnonymous: All the videos all these creatures of nature that we have seen is favorite among them, though Tsakonas found at the end. Well, that God wants us to we the people, united and help each other with no hard feelings.

Helenis  Christos, B1: No man can live alone, you always need someone to support them.

Pizanias Nicholas, B1: Everyone must work with others to accomplish together to achieve a great goal, because one substitutes the weaknesses of the other and together they can manage.

Mikes Ergas, B1: When we stand together strong, a fist, invincible, we are one!

Sevasti Kelempesi, B1: Collaboration plays a very important role in human life.

Irene Karakatsani: B1: What I’ve learned is that you should never do harm to another and making a united team with our fellow human beings can not deal with every evil.

Anastasia Giachali, B1: Teamwork is very important and when we can win every difficulty and accomplished great things.

Erga Basilia – Eleftheria: B1: You should respect each other and not fooling each other for no reason

Emmanuel Kamaraki, B1: When someone has hurt us and need our help to not hold any malice and help as we can. But when you do something bad to someone else, then most of the time turns bad on you.

Joanna Klidara, B1: The theme of the video is that it is better to be a team but everyone is alone. In a video the rabbit all mock and bother them when one day was found drowned in a licrabsandsealmni, everyone mocks and mind helped him and realized that it’s nice to belong to a group and help and be helped. So a not mock, tease, but b to help each other and we are a team.

crabsandsealEleftheria Gkinni, B1: You should know that sometimes the team disagrees …

Kikous Razvan, B1: When kapioos trying to do this better with the help of friends and no monk.

Michalitsa Angelou, B1: I have to be myself with my friends a group, not only with my friends, but to all the world’s children, black and white, because that will help each other.

Angela Erga, B1: I liked the turtle did not put it down to build a bridge so they can spend all animals. Should not be fooling also anyone as ugly it is, because if we did it this to us we will not be liked. If anyone wants to join our team accept him with kindness and to work together as much as we can.

Faneroula Zachariou, B1: It is useful and I will say to others to see these videos to teach even those with so nice how the power of collaboration.

http://2gympsilkalymn.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/ants.jpgSoulounias Nicholas, B2: We can work that can defeat any obstacle, and when squabbling amongst ourselves and fooling different, in the end us getting worse!

Soulounia Nomiki, B2: In the last video I learned that laughs best who laughs last!

Koursiotis Panormitis C1: Not to have friends you can not accomplish many things yourself. This video showed us how important it is for our friendship, but einantsai very ugly when her boyfriend jealous and forgets friendship.

Kampouraki Themelina, B11: The cooperation that has confidence, kindness and solidarity as a gift for each member of his fellowman accomplishes the goal of the team to make overcoming the obstacles. When a team works Ai evil purpose as hurting one fellow man, will eventually suffer the same bad as many if they belong to the group. In my opinion a team contributes when people respect each other and work for a good cause.

bridgestoryNikiforos Athanasiou, C1: This video shows us that the notion of friendship is not always good when it works to mock or to do evil, neither is good friends envy or trying to get something that is not theirs.

Angelos Kyrannis, C1: Very important to being a good team, you can do anything when a team works well. I’ve learned to work with all children.

Anonymous, C1: The common feature of the video is that all the heroes are about teamwork and team accomplishments. The teamwork always goes well. The hare torturing and bothering other animals and when he fell into the river, the other animals worked as a team and helped the hare. After he became a team with them. The same happened in ants. Sometimes teamwork is bad for others, eg, fooling the birds large bird and finally happened to those hurt by their wickedness. They helped me learn to work in groups but not for the evil of others.

Koullia Antonia, C1/Stafros sleepy, C2: Common point is the importance of friendship

Vouis Theophilos, C1: The central theme of all these n attached video is that it is better to work in teams even though we were enemies before. Most times it is good for the team accomplishes great things for everyone. Personally, I was taught that in class sometimes accomplish more things as a team, and that when the team wants to achieve something good is better than one.

forthebirdsMaria Kambouri, C1: Everybody should help everyone. Friendship is precious!
Nikolas Kaloudis, B1: Makes me that this not defended and not cared for others helped and defended by the animals of the forest.

Costas Vazanellis / Angeliki Karioti, C1: It is best to work in teams and have a positive purpose.

Georgia Zempilla, C1: The video crabs, penguins and ants show us how a team laced with good humor united can defeat all evil. The video with the hare shows us that while he behaved badly, everyone in the end falls in the water and help him treat him well. The video shows us the birds that a bird with good humor tries to befriend a group that has bad mood. This taught me that the video is to behave well, and when I join a group to operate always with good mood.

Savvas Lelekis, C1: The videos’ common theme is teamwork. A positive point is that when we work, you achieve what you want. Negative means that a team can be a hassle and quarrels or disagreements or spoof. Through the video we learn that it is better to work as a team.

Zachariou Themis, C1/Manolis Savvas Mousellis (C2): The cooperation and mutual help everybody to contribute better to work. Some people are forced to become the group without the will to create something together so they collide and hurt and harmed Com themselves. The common theme of the video is cooperation, mutual aid, solidarity and trust above all.

mirmigia2jpgSevasti Kinigou, C1: I was taught that sometimes something that seems bad comes good and nice, and something that looks nice in a bad mood is ugly. To have good cooperation but always need optimism.

John Mousellis, C2: If we try to banish someone from our team we look different, but a good mood, it will not get in our good in the end. If we work in groups more easily overcome all obstacles (Nicholas Panagakis, B2).

Costas Michaelou, C2: What I realized is that we should try to work correctly.

Magkou  Helena, C2: The common theme was cooperation, team spirit. The positive side was that the cooperation we accomplish what we ALL can not manage the ONE! How develops team spirit? If all cooperating, we feel more confident about what I do! Negative aspects of the collaboration is that team members sometimes disagree and interrupted the serenity of the team and sometimes dissolve the group. We must learn to work together and operate as a team and doing what we want is right believing our opinion only. Since the beginning of the year we are working in teams learned to work together and listen to the views of others and now I feel more confident and great certainty to join the wider community feeling ready to develop relations with other people.

Magkou Savina, C2: When people develop communication dynamic feel, confident, gain self-confidence as contributing to the team. Within the group formed our character and personality after hearing the opinion of others we gain our own opinion.

Boulafentis Chris, C2: We must take example from nature which God created perfect and trying to benefit from working with the team because of one group can benefit all members.

Nick Tsataros, C2: When you get along with our friends we can overcome them all. (Mamouzellou Peace)

Maria Marraka, C2: You must all work together as a team and to be loved.

Marcos Skevos, C2: Teamwork videos’ among animals seemed to synchronize with team members which confound their enemies.

Xyloura Anna C2 :  We manage work our targets when we are united as a group rather than alone. (Linda Andronikou, C2)

Sevasti koukouva, C2: The simmirmigia2jpgantiko are the members of the team to be together and to believe in teamwork.

mirmigia2jpgKalliopi Kallikatzarou, C2: The organization is everything!

Anonymous C2: The collegiality and teamwork is very important. If we are able to manage almost everything. Without goals but the team fails nothing!


Themelis Nick . Kalomiros, C2: When a team is favorite and works can avoid risks and to achieve their goal. When the team does not function as a team and then arguing with the result always have trouble and how it works with a group moan and without a sense of cooperation.

Anna Micha, C2: The video we saw in class showed us how one group. The results of a team is positive when there is teamwork, understanding, cooperation and love, but in the absence of these features, the result is negative, ie the team may be dissolved and has not accomplished its goals.

Spyros Argyropoulos, C2: To work harmoniously as a team should be putting goals are positive, legitimate and may be held, but if they work together to fool someone, as we saw in the video “for the birds” then there will be negative.

Atsa Sebasti, C2: A team member can lure once the whole team in bad results.

Korfiati Yota, C2: All video stresses the importance of the team and what effects it may have. Originally shown that when many people work together they can tackle the risks, to survive or to achieve some goal. Unlike a group can have adverse effects and cause of evil.

Irene Koumba, C2: The function of the group through these videos are both positively and negatively in the group because there are so diafroretikoi characters with their own personalities. Sometimes instead of having unanimity and solidarity among members of the team is no competition, jealousy and various other negative feelings and then fight and the group disbanded.

Manos Giannikouris, C2: In class today witnessed examples of teamwork sector’s some video and conclude that even the smallest organizations operate in groups not only for a public purpose, but one the other in order to survive because they themselves do not. But sometimes it is not beneficial to you team for various reasons.

Anna Mamouzelou, C2: A group members cooperate and there synennosii and understanding from strong to weak. When team members have personal problems, squabbles over trivial matters, are then to animosity and competition for various reasons dissolve the group. The teams achieve their goals when their members have always katanosi, love, compassion, and cooperation.

George Haramis, C4: The conclusions of the videos we’ve seen are: a) teamwork and patience and perseverance you can achieve your goal, b) You can always help someone and collaborate regardless of your differences, c) have to behave badly someone regardless of whether they are different, because one day you might need help.


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