Moovies and series I like! – TV SPANISH SERIES

 TV Spanish series:

-El Barco:

It’s the history of a group of students who is going to make a camp in a training-ship, but, there’s a big tragedy, a scientific project goes bad and it produces the worst cataclysm in all the history of the human-being. After that event all the humanity disappear and this people are the last survivals. So they must look for the land, but, it isn’t going to be easy! They will must survive in their boat and find the land before the scientifics who are in a nuclear submarine.

-La Que Se Avecina:

Tell the adventures and daily problems of a particular community of neighbors in the ´luxurious`Mirador de Montepinar urbanization. Address the problems of Spanish housing, in an urbanization that advertises services that is hasn’t got. Also addresses the housing boom, that currently doesn’t exist, and difficulty of young people to buy a house. The residential is on the outskirts located 15 minutes from the center of the city. These arguments are using in the first season. After, the series talk exclusively about relations between the Montepinar’s neighbors.

-Los Misterios de Laura:

Laura Lebrel is a fantastic police inspector who solves crimes looking at things without importance, like the air temperature, fences of coffee on the table, etc. But she doesn’t work alone. She works with Martin, his companion that helps her to solve a lot of murders, although very womanizer. Apart from that, it’s also a housewife with two very unruly children, a neighbor annoys and an ex-husband.


Viriato is a Hispano in the Fifth Century B.C., who fight against the Roman Empire and after several sieges camp was settled there, Galba, the boss of the camp was proposed to devastate the Viriato’s militia. After failed attemps to destroy it, he decided to assassinate Viriato and submit them all. Three months after the last siege, he was framed to Viriato and killed him, then led his comrades to Rome and was convicted of the false murder of Viriato; thus turning Servius Galba to a new senator of Rome. All this plot gives way to the new serie that continues the story, Imperium.

By Francisco Miranda

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