2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece – Relationship with mediterranean food and fast, benefits

by Helen L., B2διατροφική πυραμίδα νηστεία και διατροφή

 The Mediterranean diet help address many modern diseases such as cardiovascular diseases , diabetes mellitus , hypertension , digestive diseases and some types of cancer . This was found by a study conducted in seven countries in the late 60s . The result of this research was the Mediterranean pyramid , like a healthy diet . On the basis of the Mediterranean pyramid placed fruits, vegetables legumes pasta and olive oil . While so far we climb the pyramid we find dairy, fish and on top of that are saturated fats and processed foods .
The diet of the monks seem to have several similarities with the Mediterranean diet . The main feature of the monastic diet is fasting . From the lonely diet lacking throughout the year red meat and poultry. Consume daily fruits vegetables legumes and pasta . While dairy allowed only days we can eat them .

According to them a real orhtodox christian can have benefits eating healthily at the body as at soul!


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