2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece

Fashion and personality
modaxesouirBy the term “fashion” we mean the tendency at times to concern at clothing and modakinoumenasxediagenerally the thinking and behavior of members of a society. Certainly nature has ephemeral, ever-changing. In particular clothing reveals the personality of man. Is the mental and spiritual world, economic and social situation.

Fashion cultivates imagination and sense of beauty. Through this expressed social movements and artistic currents. Through this expressed more personal freedom since each person has the ability to make many choices. On the other hand, of course, we should point out the negatives :Increases consumerism,

  • cultivates mimicry,modaarithmoi
  • impairs judgment and specificity.
  • it’s likely to create anxiety and distress to those trying to follow it properly.

modamarggaritariNo doubt, however, fashion is a key element of modern life. It would be unrealistic to repeal it. Therefore a man should realize that fashion is not an end in itself. Should put his personal criteria for fashion to fit the body type and above all in his personality so that leaves its own mark. The garment should not imprison the mind and body, but to highlight the personality of the man giving his own special and unique touch that will stand out from the canvas replica of the world.

Korfiati Iota, C2


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