2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece – Kalymnian Dress, festival Outfit

by Nomiki S., B2

 καλύμνικο καβάδι1 καλύμνικη φορεσιά1

The festive outfit for women of the island is one of the simplest , that ‘s why most elegant costumes of the Dodecanese . Without any unnecessary ornament, gives the simplest edge and a few of the components , a special thanks to the slender Kalymnopoules like wear at festivals and on official holidays. The main dress is Kavadi , fitting the open front bodice with sleeves wide at the bottom and broadleaf without ruffles , skirt stuck in polkaki , and open front , as the two side panels of her skirt which the one of them pushing the edge of the zone. Usually the kavadi – Kalymnos and Leros as the intestines , which have almost the same blade – made ​​from branched or striped silk . But the classic kavadi , as worn by the older Kalymnos , but many of the modern , was the ” Lyon ” called silk , ie the Avon , in whatever color , usually gold, dark green , purple or blue costume Kalymnian .

καλύμνικες φορεσιιές  καλύμνικη φορεσιά1


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