Zespół Szkolno-Przedszkolny Nr1 w StrzyżowicachStrzyżowice, Poland


  Our teachers organized special motive plays and games for us. Why were they special? They were special because our parents – especially mums were invited to take part in it. The competitions were great and there was a lot of laugh during them. We were exercising with our mothers and everybody enjoyed it very much!




One person is running and chasing Rother children. When a child is touched by the running person, it must tag kids.



  One child is standing back to other students who start running. When this one child turns around the other children must stop and stay without any movements. When children are moving they should start running from the beginning.


Little cows

 One child is on all fours and tries to run, chase and catch other children. When it touches another kid, it must knee, be on all fours and helps in catching the rest of children.

little cows

A fisherman

 One child is standing in the middle of the yard. When the teacher whistles, the rest of children must run to the opposite side of the yard. The fisherman tries to catch as many children as he can. The caught child must sit on the line in the middle of the yard and create “ wall”. Another caught children sit one by one behind the first child. The end of play is when only one child remains on the yard and isn’t caught by the fisherman. little fisherman

Are you afraid of wolf?

 One child is standing on one side of the yard and the other children are at the opposite side of the yard. This alone child shouts ; “ are you afraid of the wolf?”. Children say “ no”. The alone child repeats the questions and it hears the same answer. At the third time the child hears “ yes” and then it starts running. When it runs it tries to catch ( touch) as many children as  it can. These caught children join to it and together try to catch everybody. After running to the opposite site of the yard the questions and answers must be repeated in t5he same way – two times “ no” and on “ yes” and run starts again. affraid wolf


motivated games-poland


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