1st High School of Xanthi, Greece – Educational Robotics

Educational robotics is an educational activity carried out with the active participation of students who work in groups using a training package that contains the processor ( mind) , sensors ( senses ) as inputs in manufacturing motors as outputs and components for the integration of construction. Then plan their construction ( robots ) in a simple programming language – specifically – designed for students to carry out a specific action . Students have the opportunity to build, plan and confirm their results directly while they have been working collectively having everyone ‘s role within the team .

With educational robots are practice ideas of S. Papert for ” DIY knowledge » (constructionism): children build knowledge more effectively when they are actively involved in the design and construction ( manual and digital) objects that have real meaning for themselves whether they are sand castles or lego structures and programs computer .

The benefits of using educational robotics is too many . For example :

Develop operator skills

Development of cognitive skills

Developing organizational skills

Promoting technological literacy

Promoting collaborative learning

Motivation for learning in other areas of science because of its interdisciplinary nature ( Physics, Mathematics , Computer Science , etc. )

 χειρουργική και ρομποτική


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