2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece – The Turkeys from Leipsi’s island

γαλοπούλες2–  << Take turkeys for Christmas. Only two hundred drachma piece. >, βρέθηκα να φωνάζω μπροστά στην αγορά της Καλύμνου παραμονές Χριστούγεννα, λίγα χρόνια μόλις μετά τον τελευταίο πόλεμο.”>Few only remains our catch and whoever gets >> I found myself shouting in front of Kalymnos buy Christmas eve, just a few years after the last war. But let’s take things from the beginning.

I was not then fifteen year old lad. I went, I remember well, in the fourth grade of the Commercial School in Kalymnos. A little boy full of joy and power, mind restless and boundless courage. I can not say that my family been denied anything those difficult years and close a dozen children is not an easy thing to get enough of a father on a desert island, like Kalymnos, especially winter weather. As for me as a child not katadechthika never ask captain my father to give me money I buy books, books or pencils. The humbling thought for myself once I gain everything by myself, at first selling candies, which I made at the marble makaritisa my godmother, later resell old books to the students of my school but also several other species in Marasia and neighborhoods on the island. So my fifteen year veteran was already one, and even good, small trader who started very fit not to Kalymnos. But I was looking for an opportunity to find and time from my classes and the right to campaign for merchandise in a couple from the neighboring islands of my home. And the opportunity was soon to come. Five days before the student doing the Christmas holidays of the year 1952 came to Kalymnos kataforto one big ship with γαλοπούλες1blankets from Bulgaria. It was the custom of the late Anthony of Koutouzis commencers those years on our island. Filled the harbor with huge balls sfoungaronisou than precious then those trousseau. Upset all households Kalymnos from the outlandish these blankets. Those girls were housewives but above all money, ran and bought her dowry for their children. Odd blankets, blankets double, twin blankets. Cared for, indeed, to all ‘and have’ ploumakia ‘to’ yes nicely their beds when groomed with these beautiful dowry ‘when’ periloes rare. ” When the day came the school holidays, all over that enormous load had left only twenty balls blankets but no housewife never returned to see why except that they were not “vivid”, there were no “ploumakia” .

–  To get my sugar and go Lipsi, he suggested that the late Koutouzis. There will be favorites of.

– Of course you will joke Uncle, I retorted. Leipsi’s people are tough and you can not cajole them easily with these “bogkialeourgia” (useless things) I went and I did not let go I never Lipsi. Except now you sell cheap and entice the price. Why to sell and the other blankets, ie one hundred drachmas completely impossible as you know. So I prefer to stay in Kalymnos these days to sell socks and scarves and needed to do so and Christmas at my house with my family.

– But I’ll just give sixty-five Dr Zacharias one of mine suggested the late Anthony, now apparently willing to get rid of because they save the ‘piano shop half convinced by my words that you will have for the rest of life unsold.

–  Is an occasion and the value proposed by Uncle Anthony, told me quite casually for “carrion” I had before me. The costs are unaffordable. Let hardship that winter weather. I would suggest for those twenty balota, which is five hundred blankets, give you cash twenty-five grand and you are very well paid and Uncle. Me and left me something days’ rchontai Uncle Anthony.

– A gift to you  m lad because you deserve it. You one day, I’m sure, that will climb very high Zacharias he  said smiling that sweet and clever man whipping my paternal back. Come kalopoulites boy and good profits to ‘ve. In just five carts loaded from the office of the huge balls and lowered the port coincidentally, the boat’s captain – Antonis Xypolita will ‘leaves in a bit Lipsi and known as the captain of my father not me nor fare takes for transfer of my merchandise. It was not too long and the young merchant and disciple Zacharias began riding in the balls with blankets to conquer the nearby shopping Aegean island of Lipsi. The reception Lipsi, I can not say that it was hot. People not only helped me to get home – storage for my merchandise and my boss but also willing to give me any information and I was like a “Xenakis”. I was tired from the trip. I opened a ball blankets, lay down on the ground five to six for mattress, another for head restraint and a few more to cover and so the young Zacharias slept blissfully until another breakfast dawned fresh and fragrant from the rope and the other insular bushes that surrounded the house who rented the beautiful island of Lipsi. After I threw some water on my face to wake up, I went to the cafe of Sun – Vangelis to drink one flaskomylo to warm my insides. Man nursed as he could. Along with flaskomylo me he ran some chamades, two local barley rusks and two eggs freskotata that I never until now I have not eaten yet so delicious.

γαλοπούλα κουβέρτα–  Okay my lad came to our island, and sell good to have, wished me the benevolent Sun – Vangelis. Only my boy, continued very known counterman, people here are poor and have no money buy full-load entire picnic blankets. Now I ‘makes the heart orchard Sun – Vangelis, I told myself. After I finished my breakfast rich pulled for the ride. Loaded with blankets turned almost the entire island without however manage to sell even one. The housewives asking price, caressed the blankets but when I heard how money gets into their homes in silence. He had now gone noon jaded when I returned my base of operations to manage without, as we sell nor a blankets. I knelt on the blankets that had spread on the ground for mattress and making my cross begged God to help me.

–  What disappointed me is that God? First time I go out from my island and n ‘fail so miserably? Would run away from bad my God. Almighty help me to catch at least the foreign money and go do Christmas with my family. Have pity on me My goodness grateful, tearful. Have pity on me because Megalodyname will be destroyed and will become a laughing stock and dogs. Suddenly an old woman came and stood at the door of my house and relying on the old wand asked politely:

– I want to get a blanket for my lad gift to my granddaughter who is getting married Sunday. But to give you a turkey and give me a blanket? Tramba Keep doing that? A glow shone suddenly blurred my mind immediately ran fast. My granny said

– Of course, it’s possible. Don’t we let your granddaughter without a blanket to cool us?
– Let me give you my bless my lad. Then go immediately to bring the turkey said the grandmother and fast – quickly took the paved path to the house. Soon he returned again holding a big hug turkey. Next to my house had a large room with a perimantromeno well locked door. So I took the turkey and put it in after I gave the blanket to warm-hearted old lady. After I sat down and set my plan but waiting to get through the afternoon to put it into practice. Afternoon with loud voices roused the entire island. I invited  residents to buy my blankets this time but with the exchange. “A blanket – a turkey,” proclaims loudly. It was not too long and all the narrow streets of Lipsi descend to my headquarters women, men and children by holding your arms another one and another two turkeys. Soon an entire queue of customers formed outside in my yard. One – one put the turkey in the pen and getting the shoulder of the blanket, ran to go, at home sooner was to Kamarono with Famelis of beautiful Acquisitions. Well before dark – well they did all the blankets and feathers to sleep without getting cold, we had to use two – three woolen rugs that were in the house that I rented. The corral was full but for good with five hundred turkeys reminded me all night with the strange choir. It was a commodity that never imagined how will I gained five hundred selling without “ploumakia ‘my blankets. The next day early in the morning passed the “Seven Islands”, a small boat that did it then the local bar twice a week. With a cane in hand, fifteen Zacharias lalouse carefully and drove the turkeys in the back of the boat. What evil was done with the turkey voices, not described. The crew was surprised to paraxenofortio, which for the first time happened to their ship. What Could Kannada though? Client is sacred and only person to understand and smiles showed the young passengers. The narrow street Kalymnian harbor filled with “turkeys from Lipsi” that soon, leading them everything myself, with my long pole brought in a large poolside Meidani Kalymnian market. The foodies Kalymnians not take long to get wind of my turkeys. With a dime even where ‘gave you for a fee to Stathis canvassers, he roused from Aghios Stefanos and Agios Nikolas, all nikokireoi to’ n rthoun buy the merchandise and delicious kalothremmeno me.

–  “Only two hundred drachmas one,” I yelled and stacked katostarika in a misoskepasmeno basket used for checkout. Late in the evening I had all sold out anymore turkeys and getting your arms and I two of the most kalothremmenes for the Christmas table Famelis we pulled for our house, where he were then to patithries. The company “blankets” made with “Tramba ‘turkeys and then nearly quadrupled my little capital, was crowned with success.


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