Why I love the sea …

shipsea1I love the sea, because it is something that I as a gift from God, because I am lucky to have her by my side.

The sea helps us to many factors, climate, economy and many other fields.

The sea is beautiful if you imagine what essentially is.

If I had more time I would spend many more hours in the sea …

Chris Boulafentis, B2

I love the sea because I like to explore the seabed. I swim, playing with the waves and fish.

I am very lucky because I was born and I live on an island.

Narli Eleftheria, A3

thalassa1Our world is composed of artificial and natural creations and all are important to us. Specifically, artificial entertain us, serve us. While of course we can provide care to our relax and feel close to their own natural and comfortable.

I live in a place surrounded by water. From an early every summer I have learned to live with it, not to fear and to tolerate any kind of behavior. Every time we meet the first rushing everything! Play and never bored! I see her as a good friend, I have a problem when I sink into it, relax and get ahead.

diving11Mou love it when I see calm, because when she is silent, dive in crystal clear waters hopefully see any boyfriend. The notice from the winter off to roaring like a lion, lifting waves and rapids scraping the rocks. The water mixed, blurring and shows hostility. Mallosn because no one jumps in and now feel lonely. Ships afraid of storms and did not dare to approach her.

Unfortunately, lately, has one more reason to feel lonely and lack, winter – summer. We the people of depriving her children, what she entertain when we avoid it, and indeed barbaric place. Inside the hidden secrets, treasures states. The selfish wants all its own, but every now and then something more is revealed. The marine world, including thousands of living organisms, most of them unexplored.

I love the sea and trust. Not worth pollute. Besides us with so … out of care and protection, rest, and joy as benefits. We gladly accept the, and we must thank

Maria Frazi, A3


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