Fairytales about happy towns with great mayors!

 enercities3We had a nice idea and we tell you about making a fairytale :
a) fairytales about happy towns with great mayors, or adventures of towns without good mayor,
b) At the below link you’ll find a notepad at which we’ll start write a fairytale, and you’ll continue it to make a great fairytale about good and happy town. You may take details from the discussion about necersities, if you want.

The address link is :


Our students came joined us and continued our fairytale with their great imagination! And, Here it is!: happy town

 “Once upon a time was a little town at HappyDream Land. Habidents were happy. They all were working, had opportunities to buy and sell their products, there were fair laws, wonderful green gardens, a clean river which was going to a clean emerald sea. Our llitle town was named by its people “FlowerBloom County” and it was famous at all happyDream Land and outside it.
A Great Mayor was the cause for this happiness. Mrs WorkFull  Hope, was a great woman, married with a very good husband, a mother of six children, a teacher at High School who loved her town as her house and people as her children and family. She was working every moment, day and night and all people were loved her and did everything she was asking for their happiness.
enercities4Far far away it was an other town named “DirtyUnhappiness”.  Its habidents were unhappy. They had no work, no clean water, rubbishes were everywhere, dast was everywhere. It had ruinned schools and half to come down houses. Thieves were coming everywhere and people had to be careful if they wanted to be alive.
The greatest thief was the mayor! Mr. Miserable, the mayor, was the Justice man there, and unfair laws were taking every goods from his people. Fear and illness and non profits made the habidents so unhappy they tried to go out of “DirtyUnhappiness”. But mr. Miserable made a dark high wall and put guards not to allow any one to pass it and be free out of town.
One night a young man arised to the undergroud room of those they didn’t stand and more this awful condition.
“It’s no need to stand all this!”. He cried.
“And what can we do?”   answered other young people, boys and girls. 
“We will start asking for justice. My uncle is a policeman. I’ll tell him to be fair against the rules of this thief “Miserable”. He is so angry with him he’ll listen to me. So it’ll start exist a little kind of fairness at the beginning..Please, think about what else we can do to change our town as we ‘ve dreamed a long ago”. 
“I have a far relationship with the Mayor of  FlowerBloom County! I’ll visit her nephew, a miserable person which didn’t wanted to be at a such clean and nice town! He takes letters from his auntie. I’ll ask him to write him a letter when it should be time for him to ask her sending him money. I’ll write her then to advice us what to do!”.
“But you must be careful because they open the letters at the boards!”
“I know! The guard likes me! I’ll put the letter at the right place to go out of boards”, she laughed.
So it’s been done! Mrs WorkFull Hope took the letter and…
Demetra Ol. :  “she wrote it to the council of happy town. She looked after that her co-habitants and asked them their opinion:  how they should help the miserable town?
George Er. : I know! said one very strong woman bregned to her fifth child:  My son saw a very exciting game at internet. he plays it a month about, his friends play too, yesterday I saw it how it is played about and I was three hours at the chair, so the baby started be anxious, she said laughing. I suggest to send to our friends of  DirtyUnhappiness this game. have they internet?enercities5
Michael R.: “Yes, I took a message from my cousing a week ago, but it stopped by policing of Mr. Miserable. Well, I think if they ‘ll see it’s a game they leave it pass. What’s your opinion?”
– Greate! Said Mrs WorkFull Hope. Let’s send the message with this game to our friends and tell them to play it again and again to find the message we send them with.”.
– What message? I didn’t understand at all, send Mr. SleepWell, a very good old man who was at the Post Office and responsible for Internet Services at the town.
– If they’ll play this game again and again, they’ll find out what to do for doing their town clean, active and happy! answered the pregnent lady. Tell your nephew teach it to his friends and to these people they don’t want to live such the way they live now, and you ‘ll see… after that tell him we wait for the results of our action.enercities6
Maria F. :  “It was a month passed that the game was received by the young man who didn’t want to live at Mr. Miserable’s town. One day…
Michael R. : “Mr. Miserable went near his son who was playing like a maniac a game at internet. 
– What are you doing their? You’ve disarreared. You didn’t eat at all for a week now! Show me what are you playing here!
– Look! amasing game named “enercities”! What suggestions can we do to have an active, rich town?
– A rich and active town? Can we have more money playing this game? show me!
Demetra Ol. : “A month was finisthed and someday, the habitants of enercities2DirtyUnhappy recieved an invitation for the Major Hall! Oh! Something terrible will bring it to our heads, they thought but they had to go, otherways they should dye! So… that morning at the great Hall of Major House all habitants were waiting for the Major, Mr. Miserable….
George Dal :  “Dear Habitants” , he started, “and a cool ice water runned to their neck waiting the disaster… “I was walking yesterday to my town and I’ve shown some curious things you must know when and how they happened. I show recicle bins at every corner of every road… I ‘ve shown someone did a little park with wind machines collecting the sun’s energy… I’ve shown gardens to your fresh painted houses… Your children are clean, they are playing happily, teachers are very pleased teaching your children… And… taxes are fulled the Taxes’ Office! We became a rich town, without bad lows, or tough behaviour of policemen… I know now who is responsible for this miracle!”
Demetra Ol. :  “Oh, now the young man will dye! they all thought. 
“This game named “enercities” is responsible for this new, clean, rich, happy town. I agree with your actions. I called you to change the name of our town. And I changed mine yesterday. I’ll not Mr Miserable, for now on I’ll be Mr. FairJustice GoodWill and how do you suggest name our town for now on? 
– NiceDream City! They cried loudly all the citizens full of glad and enthusiasm.
Giorgos Er. And now the difficult question : Who was said us this wonderfull unworthable game to our town? Tell us who is our savior?enercities1
Michael R. :  The young man, who was angyr before, stepped once in front of the Major and told him. I’m the one asked help for Mrs WorkFull Hope and she sent us this game.
– So, the Major suggested, do you agree to call Mrs WorkFull Hope to our Town to give her the Happines Award for such a wonderful present she gave us!
– Yes, they cried loudly all the citizens.
Demetra Ol. :  So, A great festivan was for then on this date every year celebrating the wonderful gift of Mrs WorkFull Hope, Major of FlowerBloom County to Nice Major Mr FairJustice GoodWill, major of an active, happy and rich for now on town named now NiceDream City!
And they went happily ever after!
[ The bold names are the writers, one from Meliki, George Gal and the others from 2nd Junior High School]

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