2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece – DANCE OF ENGINEER

The Kalymniotikos or Dance of Engineering is the most popular dance of Kalymnos.
The dance is danced at various events such as weddings , feasts and festivals and is very likable . It is purely masculine dance . It is a representation of the ‘ gripped ‘ engineering , namely the diver with scuba diving and caught , having suffered the bends that were hemiparalysis .
This dance began almost 50 years ago , but the roots of dance with a real hero truly caught mechanical, dating from the end of last century . Then we had the chief engineer and the first ” stiff “. The utter ignorance of the rules of diving , was the reason there were many unfortunate victims of this type , ie ” flat ” and ” caught .” According to history , the engineer flicker , falls down and gets up again to dance with the accompaniment melody qualified engineers, inspired by the sfoungaradiki bravery and valor .

χορός μηχανικού


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