Ancient Greek History

  In ancient Greece , on 490 before Christ Perses became against Greece, and Spartan’s King Leonide was in fight with his 300 souldiers and 700 other Greeks. Other Greeks went out of Thermopyles, came sayiing in their towns about the fight, and Leonide and his 300 souldiers dyied fighting against 10.000 enemy souldiers. This fight was very important because Greeks prepared to win in Salamina’s shipfight and get free ancient Greece.. Here some photoes of that fight.

The year 356  post Krist  was born the Alexander of Great.When he grow he helps he’s father of   the  war by greek  towns.The Alexander when he became king the of  Greece start a war of Persia.He won the army of  the Persia in the Granik river and he won the Persia in the battle of Isoo the year 333 post Krist.The final battle in the village Gavgamel.The Alexander is kind of Persia kindom now.The Alexader was daid at the year 323 post Krist in tha Babelona at 33 years old.

Michael Roditis


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