Greek Byzantine History and Religion

The army of Greek Byzantine Empire  in pictures.

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Byzantine Dromon


Wet fire (ygron pyr) in shipfight!

Greek Byzantine Empire lasted 1000 years, from 3rd century p.C. to 1453 p.C. . Its habitans had greek wisdom and philosophy, roman great sense of law and orthodox East Christian faith. Its souldiers were successfully fighting over 1000 years against their enemies. This historical period was not a middle age of darkness of spirit as in West Europe. Byzantine’s wise men make the empire bright with wisdom, sciences, pneumatic and ethical life living in Jesus Christ’s Life and orthodox Christian byzantine art of Architecture, music, Painting Schools as Makedonian one and Cretan, where El Greco was inspired from. Greek Byzantine men, Kyrillos and Methodios, created a new language for people who spoke slavian language, making a slavian alphabet and writing language and expression of their culture. Many nations created by being near Byzantine Empire and friends with it. Some of wise men of Greek Byzantine Empire after 1453 went to Europe and were the fathers of Regeneration in Italy. Real orthodox spirit teaches that centre of world isn’t man, as ancient Greeks were taught about, but as Gregory Palamas Bishop of Thessaloniki was taught at 13th century p.C, centre of world is actually the perfect man and perfect god, Jesus Christ, Godman who saved us by his crucify and resurrection. So, real man has been created to live in a personal loving communion of love as Holy Trinity is. Greek Byzantine Empire became the mother of new Greek Nation and Country with this essential way of life getting full of the life’s gladness, cheerful with logic, pneumatic personal human being and friend of any man, any race, any colour, any belief of ideas, gods, philosophies, thoughts of life. How wonderful  is being a Greek with such a spiritual meaning of life!                                                               By Michael Roditis, A3  


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