My Greece!… Litterature… our own texts about our country…

santorini-architecture-nisos-thira-greece-299_4This island is a special place that keeps the traditions and customs and is famous for many traditional recipes. Some of these are the cards that eat people in Kalymnos, but usually on Sundays and feasts, chickpeas tava who live in a traditional oven, housewives and eat on a holiday, the mououri, another main traditional food in eat mostly Easter and the Virgin Mary. The housewives used to Kalymnos and traditional products such as raki, ouzo who used to Ai Krivoy the apex which hurt and tol CAT which the chrisimopousan like ointment and considered therapeutic drug.

This is my Greece, a special place with incredible historical sites and unique traditions. This sets her apart from other places and locations. It is a way of life in oneiromeno residence! Fleur Fotiadis, A3.

Greece I have in my heart  is my home, the place where I was born and grow up. It is a sacred place for me. Greeks sacrificed a lot for us to be free. Greece means Fatherland, Freedom, traditional family run, common faith in our Creator and our Greece! I love Greece!

Eleftheria Narli, A3


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