Hello, we´re Carmen, Sara, Sonia, Marisol and Maria José.

We´re from Cartagena, Spain.

Now we´re going to speak about Spanish music.

The music of Spain has a long history and has played an important part in the development of western music. It has had a particulary strong influence upon Latin American music.

The music of Spain is often associated abroad with traditions like flamenco and classical guitar. The flamenco is very popular in Andalucía.

Some importants Spanish music was Rocío Jurado, Lolita Flores or Nino Bravo.

In the actally some famous Spanish singers are Diana Navarro, Rosario Flores, Pitingo, Pablo Alborán, Isabel Pantoja or Manolo Escobar.



Also abbreviated ECDL was a Spanish pop rock artist, but its members believe that  some of their songs belong more to the power pop genre. It was created in 1994 by Dani Martín and Ivan Ganchegui (who leaves the group in 2002), and years later would eventually be five members. Influenced mainly by other Spanish groups in the 1980s and five studio albums, El Canto del Loco has sold over a million copies in the market, becoming one of the most important bands of the current Spanish scene.

In 2009 the band announced their separation. After their separation Dani Martín and David Otero continued their individual career.

Their albums are: A contracorriente, Zapatillas, y Personas.

Their genres are: pop-punk, power-pop, y pop-rock.


It is a group of pop rock from Spain, formed by the ex-footballer of the Real Madrid Álvaro Benito, Pablo Alonso and Hector Polo.

It all started with a visit to the proctologist that virtually ended the football career of Alvaro Benito at Real Madrid. This, in the many months of inactivity and sports rehabilitation, he started playing his guitar and gradually began composing. After little success writing in English, joined Polo, another player cursed by injuries. The third member, Paul, was a bassist come from Asturias to Madrid to study acting, and joined the band as a friend of the sister of Alvaro. In the beginning the band had a fourth member named Jesus Mateos who left the group of a sudden, just at the time when success and fame were on their side. After having little impact on the market with detuned melodies their previous albums and this is not an album of punk, either by ignorance of the group in society because of lack of promotions, sponsors, etc … dissolve the group thought but then luck was on their side.Their albums are: Melodías desafinadas, Esto no es un disco de punk, Anunciado en televisión, Cuestión de gustos, Cuestión de directo, Año zero y Por dentro.

Their renges are: pop-rock.


Original group of Murcia, they started giving small concerts in Murcia and continued withperformances in Salamanca, where Jorge moved to continue his studies of speech, the first concert there were a surprising success. The public began to enjoy much in their performances and to fill all the rooms in which they acted. The models of the group among students passed from hand to hand and chanted his songs at concerts. Gradually it became small local stars while on the road every weekend traveling from Murcia to Salamanca.

Their albums are: Cuarto creciente, Maldita Nerea, El secreto de las tortugas, Es un secreto…No se lo digas a nadie, Fácil.

Their genres are: pop-rock.

Made by: África Ripoll, Celia Madrid, Dori Robles, Julia Pretel and Mª Amparo Pérez.

3ºC   C.S.E.


José Miguel Conejo Torres is a Spanish singer-songwriter, known as Leiva.It is known as part a decade of the duo laziness, forming with Rubén Pozo, of which he was lead vocalist main as well as bass player, drummer, guitarist, lyricist and composer. began in a group called Malahierba. Leiva nickname comes from his youth, when his way of playing football kept a certain resemblance with the of Leivinha, player who played between 1975 and 1979 in the Atlético de Madrid.In 1999 starts to make versions of Leno with Rubén Pozo, in a formation that was completed by drummer Tuli. In 2001 laziness launches their first LP and officially begins the career of Leiva in this group.After ten years and on the occasion of the publication of a compilation in iTunes with the best songs of the band, lazy decides to take a sabbatical, being in 2012 when both Ruben and Leiva announced the decision to work alone. On February 21, 2012 goes on sale new Leiva album under the title in December.


Pablo Moreno de Alborán Ferrandiz, popularly known as Pablo Alborán is a Spanish singer in 2011 received three Grammy Award nominations Latinos.4 The singer has released a studio album, a live album, four singles, four music videos and more musical collaborations. Its materials are distributed by EMI record Music.5 debuted in 2010 with their first official release, “Only You”, the first single from the debut album, Pablo Alboran, launched in February 2011. This debut, reached No. 1 in its first week of sales, the first solo album by signing a full debut at the top since 1998 in Spain.6

A few months after releasing their first album, was published in acoustic first concert recorded live by the singer. Which debuted at the top of Spain and several weeks later was launched in Portugal, getting to be No. 1 for several weeks.7 8 of his simple two stand out: “Only you” and “sorry” with singer Carminho, belonging to the disks, and acoustic LMFAO respectively, being number one in sales, both in Spain and in Portugal.9 10


Ramón Melendi Espina (Oviedo, Asturias, January 21, 1979), better known as Melendi, is a Spanish singer and author of rumba genre thathas mixed with pop and rock influences. In early 2012, this formula had led him to sell over one million copies of its various trabajos.

By Begoña Murcia

Hi, we are 4 students from Cartagena. We are going to speak about our favourite music . We like a lot of groups of music, for example:
Nuria likes “El Arrebato”, Maria likes “Melendi”, Inma likes “Secondhands Serenade” and Laura likes “One Direction”. These
groups are very famous and we are going to tell about these groups. -“El Arrebato” . Javier Labandón Pérez called “El Arrebato” is a
famous spanish singer. He sings “Flamenco-Pop” a famous type of music in Spain. He started to composing his music in 1985 and he
released his first album in 1988, but he became really famous in 2001. This is one of their albums: “Campamento Labandón”
-“Melendi”. Ramón Melendi Espina known as Melendi is a very famous singer of rumba and rock mixed with pop. He became famous in 2001 but he released his first album in 2003 called “Sin noticias de Holanda”. This is one of their albums: “Lágrimas Desordenadas”
-“Secondhand Serenade”. Is a american group. His vocalist is John Vesely. He started in 2004 (California) and he released 3 albums:
“Awake”, “A twist in my story” and “Hear me now”. It’s alternative rock. It is very famous in the world.
-“One Direction”. One Direction are an English Boy Band formed in 2010 consisting of members Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis
Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles. They released 2 albums: “Up All Night” and “Take me Home”. They are very famous with a big

This is “El Arrebato”
This is “Melendi”
This is “Secondhand Serenade”
This is “One Direction”

This work is done by:
Laura Cifredo Herrero
Nuria Conesa Garcia
Inmaculada Escudero Gómiz
Maria Sapiña Sintas
3th CSE B



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