Style in Spain


We´re going to interview some teenagers about their tastes:

–             The name of the first person that we´re going to interview is María Jiménez, she is nineteen years old and she lives in Cartagena.


-What it’s your favourite shop? Why?

My favourite shop is Zara, because it has  very fashionable clothes.

-From where are the clothes that you’re wearing   right now?

The t-shirt that I´m wearing is from Zara,  my shorts are from Stradivarius and the bag  s from Sfera.

-What shops would you like to have in Cartagena?

Callate la boca and Converse.


-The name of the second person that we´re going to interview is Carlos González, he is twenty-two years old and he lives in Cartagena:

-Do you like going shopping?

No, I find it very boring. Girls love shopping,   but I don´t like it.

-Where do you buy your clothes normally?

I don´t like going shopping very much, but  my favourite shops are Abercrombie and  Hollister.

– Would you like to have more shops in                           Cartagena specialized in men clothes?

I would like it very much, because I usually                     buy my clothes in these shops.

–             The name of the last girl is Laura Gil, she is seventeen years and she’s from Cartagena, she loves the skater style:

– How would you define your style in one word?              Authentic.

– Why do you like to dress like skaters?

Because my style defines my personality and            it´s unique.

-What do you think about the lack of skaters shops in             Cartagena?

Well that´s very bad because the people who has                  this style doesn’t have the opportunity to buy the                  clothes in the city, only on-line.


What about you? What style do you like?

 By:  -Pilar Esteban Flores, -Margarita López Iñesta

-Silvia Romero Carrión, 3rd of CSO.


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