Colegio Santa Joaquina de Vedruna, Cartagena, Spain


My name is Aaron  Lidon Angosto and I am going to speak of my family.

We are 6 at home, my parents, my older sister, Omara, my little sister, Andrea, my dog is called Dune and me.

My father’s name is Antonio and he is 41 years old. He is kind and funny, he loves movies like me and  we always want to see a movie together.

My mother’s name is Magdalena, 42 years old, is friendly and  I love their biscuits.

There’s my 23 year old sister who is studying in a college to be a psychologist and who loves to read books and more books.

My sister’s little one is 6 and is the joy of the house, always singing and dancing and loves swimming.

And finally my dog that is 2 years old, is German shepherd, black and beautiful.

I’m bigger and I am 14 years, I´m currently studying 3 °  CSE. That´s all and I’m happy to have the family I have

Aarón Lidón

3rd. B CSE



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