Religion – Holy Mother of God named Kyra Psili (Lady who her temple has built very high)


Religion – Holy Mother of God named Kyra Psili (Lady who her temple has built very high)

Always down of the mountain at the island people could see at  the old days up there a light shimmering. The thought was that it was a star in the sky. One day a goat that had escaped from the herd, it returned to the muzzle wet. One, two times, three times. Then the shepherd came in the wake and found a cave where the rock came from water. In one corner stood a smiling Madonna. It was the icon of Panagia Kyra – Psili. He picked it up and went down to the priest. He put it in the Church. The morning was not in the position they had put it. They went up the mountain and found it at the same position that the shepherd had found it. This was done three

times. Then they realized that Holy Virgin, Mother of God wanted to stay there. So they decided to build in that part a church. The difficulty, however, was how to carry  up there materials. Then a monk in his dream  saw a woman who suggested the place to dig to find sand and lime. Really dug into that part and found materials like saw in his dream the monk. This solved the problem and built the church of Kyra – Psili who since became the most pilgrimage place of the island.                            By Magou Helena, B2

“Panagia tou Harou” (The Virgin of Death),  Church at Lipsi,  Dodecanese

Panagia toy xarou1

We are in 1600 AD. Monks of the Holy Monastery of Patmos arriving at Lipzi of Dodecanese prefecture and build approximately one kilometer from the village Exomonastiro (so they call it there) of “The Virgin of Death”.

panagiaxarounaosThe church is triune (dedicated to three saints), built in Byzantine rhythm. It distinguishes the low dome, jagged arcs (which give the temple an unusual charm), and the little oblong windows, where the little light that passes through the pilgrim creates a solemn atmosphere.

So many centuries left the church intact while devastated the cells of the monks which are around. But time respected the sacred relic, their original, truly unique and miraculous image of  “Our Lady of Death.”  The uniqueness in this figure gives the fact that Mary is shown holding the infant Christ as not (as usual), but hanging dead on the cross of martyrdom. And because the concepts and dead Death related, the image, and in general, the church was named “Our Lady of Death.”

panagiaxarou3Many pilgrims come on August 23, to pray before the miraculous image associated with the following history: In April 1943 the piety of a girl placed white lilies in the picture. These naturally dried. But suddenly in July, dried lilies began to revive paradoxely and even approaching the celebration of August 23 (the day of the festival) came to take out entire flower that smells delicious. This miracle is made then till now. It is offered a blessing of Our Lady of Death in each pilgrim, but also as an argument to the unbelievers who are struggling to explain logic thoughts interpretations that have based purely on logic and science, not faith in the sacred and divine.

Nevertheless, the “Lady of Death” for the sake of both believers and for unbelievers to puzzled continues the miracle of the festival every year, and we invite all to attend the grace to drop and hope to hear our prayers.
panagia toy xarou2

By Emmanuel Savas Mousellis, B2

My Kalymnos at Easter!



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