2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece – “Virgin Hosti” by Kapella Themelina and Mary Zairi

Once upon a time, a night of Easter, many people have gone deep in the church of the Virgin Mary, located in the harbor of Rina. The priest chanted “Christ is Risen”. Everyone with their candles lit in the yard, happy and laughing doest thou their cross.παναγια χωστή

Suddenly it was heard a loud voice “e, e, e, Kyra Panagia, chosou (Virgin Mary, our lady, go deep in the earth).” The voice came over from the chapel of Agia Irini which is up high in the mountains on the opposite side. And immediately, it was like the earth was opened and swallowed up the church along rammed with them were attending the holy function.

What had happened? Those years had many pirates. They went everywhere, especially on small islands, unattended, and made many disasters. Stole what they found, slaughtered, they get slaves for their ships. So that evening, a pirate ship came. Because it could not, arrives in the port of Rina, which every evening was closed by a thick chain, moored off. The Pirates got out, went up the mountain and began to descend toward the Deep. Then  Saint Irene saw them and “Mary” shouted to the ram, to save the Christians will  slaughtered everyone without fail.
The place where the Virgin Mary is built, only dirt and stones were left. But those who went out of there, not knowing anything, sometimes voices heard and felt an beautiful scent of incense.
Once they decided to dig and found underneath the church. When the xechosan, gave it the name “Virgin Hosti” every summer to work.
A few years ago, a night that will soon hit the bells for the Resurrection, two shepherds, arrived at the port of Rina with their boat. They came from Palionisos island and brought dry cheese and fresh cheese. They did not have time to go to the town of Potheia and they had to stay there. They said therefore one to look after the boat and the other to go high to shares that priest ρίνα καλύμνου3would work, nakousei the “Christ is Risen”.
As he started to walk, looking at a little above the Virgin Mary Hosti and seeing lights and people gathered, he listened and chant. He told himeself: “Let’s go here to be closer” . He really listened the operation, he took holy bread from the hand of the priest, and left. the strange thing however was that he had not recognised anyone.
At the next morning he found the priest of Vathis, the place where Rina the Port is,  and told him that  Panagia Hosti was operated last night to at resurrection Night. The priest didn’t not talk to him not to scare him. Because there was no other priest to go for the holy liturgi except him. The one the sepherd had met was  the priest chostike with Christians that night of the Resurrection and got to the holy liturgy. The shepherd saw him…
It was offered by Michael Roditis A3. We thank him very much.


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