History – Roman Theatre




 Roman Theatre

 ·The Roman Theatre of Cartagena is from the roman era , built between 5 and 1 B.c in “Carthago Nova”. It had capacity for about 6.000 spectators. It was in use until century III; In 1998 was discovered. In 1999 was declared “Bien de Interés Cultural”



  • ·The theatre was built in the time of the emperor Augusto. The city already had an amphitheatre. The theatre was dedicated to Lucio and Cayo Cesar (princes nd grandchildren of Octavio Augusto).alexiglesia
  •  ·The theatre was built with many materials: Limestone, marble, sandstone,…the columns of travertine red attract your attention.


 ·The theatre has a capacity of 6.000 viewers, being the largest of Hispania.This dag into rock, on the hillside

 ·It was filmed in the theatre “The spark of life” being the director Alex de la Iglesia


  • ·To learn more about the ROMAN THEATRE enters:



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