2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece – Tale … tale .. Our tale of Kalymnos – The Prince and the slave of Mary Themelina Kapella and Zairi

It’v been brought by Michael Roditis A3. We thank him very much!

αραπίνα“Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl who liked to walk in the countryside to see the flowers and the birds nakouei cheep. A day where she walked the earth opened and swallowed. Tumbling, tumbling, until she found a staircase that led to a beautiful living room. As she got there and stared at the bright enchanted mirrors and gold furniture, suddenly the eye drops onto the table lying on one goldweared lad. Go around scared, but the lad did not even moved. Slept a deep sleep and no awake. Little by little began to take courage and then observe there beside a plaque that read: If you want to read resurrected my next forty days and forty nights. ” Forty days and forty nights! said the girl. And who bears? But a voice from within told her: And it’s a shame such a nice lad to lose?

– Yes, but if nothing happens I will have died from fatigue. Anyway, so a one else took her decided to read a few letters she knew, what she found nearby. Thirty-nine days and thirty nine nights she was reading, when suddenly appeared in front of her a Negress. She then tells her :

– Lady, please, can you read it and let me  just  a little sleep half the time I can not take another?

– Gladly, says Negress and begins reading. She had not read but a  little and suddenly the lad began swaying, to brown cheeks and soon opened his eyes. Once he sees the Negress with the book, the hugs, he kisses her and a few days later he got married and made her a queen, he was prince.

And what about the girl? what happened to it?  The Negress toled the prince she was  a servant. So the days passed and the girl did not say anything. Only at night, when she closed the den of crying for misfortune and because she had the courage to stay still while reading about the lad. But the Negress was ugly and evil and she was not happy with her life although she became a queen. Why she was eating  by jealousy for this beautiful girlfriend who was so good, that would not open her mouth to reveal the truth.

δούλα1One day the prince went away to a trip. He told his wife to give him orders that she wanted to bring. And she give him a bunch, who recorded his grammar. From politeness and the maid asked what she wants to bring her. And she ordered curiosities. Wanted tells the hanging rope, stone of patience and the knife to slaughter. The grammar have not posted them, but because he remembered the impression they made.

The trip was over, the prince turned laden with gifts for the Negress wife. But ordering her daughter did not. Go to the boat, but the boat did not start. Lived there like a stone. Looking to find what’s wrong, what is the cause, and then remember their daughter and her order. Running in the city, looking for, but where to find what he wanted. Once a Jewish souvenir he find them all. But the shopkeeper says, that whoever get these gifts should not remain a monk, because they are dangerous. They’re taking the gifts and the prince with great curiosity waited to see what would happen. After the joys passed at home for the return and everyone went to sleep, the prince goes out the door of the girl and watching to see what will happen. Then he listens to the girl saying, while the tears rain from her eyes:

– “Thirty-nine days and nights I sat sleepless Thirtynine for this lad and I gap at the last minute. What to do in life? Where ‘re hanging rope. ” Tihere was mmediately rope hanging and comes and hangs alone in the ceiling.

– “Oh, my God, forgive me, but I can not Negress has the lad who I hurt Thirtynine days and nights and be a slave to. Come stone of patience. ” And immediately go the stone itself under the rope.

The lad was scared. He understood that she will be killed just shout the knife, and immediately orders the guards to break the door. Gets hug the girl who had daze by the sudden visit and says:

– “You” Swinney So my eyes, which saved me my no algae were saying? Thou, my embittered girl, who agreed to become a slave of the woman who cheated on? Now is the time to look her right. Now you will become my wife and the Negress will be gone and will not xanafanei. ”

So said, so done. And they lived happily ever after”.


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