2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece – Tale … tale … tale … Kalymnos – Our Fox went to City

It ‘ve brought us by Roditis Michael, A3. We thank him very much!

γάιδαρος αλεπού“Once upon a time, a sly fox, who had grown old and denmprouse longer go out to hunt. So thought wickedly to ensure its food. Turns crier and then says:
– “The lady fox would go into town and whoever wants to go with her to tell her!”
It heard one nice rooster feathers with a little knowledge and too excited.
– “Please take me with you lady fox?”
– “Gladly,” she answered.
We have, then, and say: “Rooster abbot and you’re inside.”
Go below and give the company line and the fox that go into town and whoever wants to come with her to pass nicely. Takouei a fluffy nice hen and says the company.
– “To get to me?”
– “Gladly, gladly,” said the fox again made the list.
κόκορας“Fox with a long tail, abbot Rooster, Hen chief Monk, and you’re inside.”
The cheerful company progresses and more and curiosity.
– “Let’s Go to the City, go to the City,” they say together.
Plumed partridge sees them and asks:
– “Do you take me with you?”
– “Gladly, gladly,” said the sly fox and measures the excursion.
“Fox with long tail, abbot Rooster, Hen Goumenissa, Partridge kaklakisti (= with a nice voice) and you’re through.”
Below is a pig thick – thick, which when stuck in the mud.
– “Let’s Go to the City,” they say. “Are you coming with us?”
– “I’m coming, I’m coming too.”
“Pig anemouistis (the one who stirs the mud sticking the muzzle), and you’re inside.” Fox confirms. Now the company had become quite large. Went and sang very happy for the nice outing would do. A donkey sees them and asks:
“Where are you all going?”
πέρδικα– “Let’s Go to the City, go to the City, and if you want to take with us.”
– “Gladly, gladly,” said the donkey and who else wanted to walk despite unloading and grazing on fresh grass.
– “We have, then, and say,” resumes the fox:
“Fox with a long tail, abbot Rooster, Hen Goumenissa, Partridge kaklakisti, Pig anemouistis, Donkey agkanistis (which says “ga hou ga”!), and you’re inside.”
The day meanwhile had gone for good and started getting dark. So find a cave and decide to stay there and spend the night. Each of the animals looking to find a corner accommodated to calm and dream of the good places to be seen. But the fox had more on her mind. Suddenly comes in front of the cave and says:
– “Come out cock  to eat you!”
The rooster lost its mind.
– “You do not feel sorry fox that I am handsome rooster and want to eat me?”
– “No,” says Fox, “and get out quickly why I’m in a hurry.”
What do the cock comes out and fox eats it. Afterthat  the fox says:
– “Come hen to eat you!”
αλεπού - σπηλιάBegins to cry or orthnitha, but where the fox. He did not understand anything. Comes the hen and eats. Then came the turn of the pig.
– “Come pigs to eat!”
– “Fox, you come to the good,” said the pig. “I’m big and you can not eat me.”
– “I will eat and will kalofao and you’ll see.” What does the pig? Goes near her and eats the fox. After the fox says:
– “Come grouse to eat you!”
– “You do not feel sorry fox,” said Partridge, who am beautiful bird and want to eat me? They warble in the morning on the mountain and it’s like heaven? ”
– “No, not in regret.”
– “Anyway, since you do not understand, lady fox, close your eyes and open your mouth to go inside to eat me, do not hurt.”
– “Okay,” said the fox. “Let it be so. Closes her eyes, opens her mouth and waits. And a partridge passes, makes a mouth droppings and go to the mountain. ”
“We losted it” she says of her, “but stillI  have one more animal”
– “Come here Donkey to eat you,” says angry now more foxes.
– “You’re sit well, fox, who will eat me.”
– “I’ll eat you  just fine, just come here to avoid loitering!”
– “Well, get it over with,” said the donkey, “after you decided to ‘close  so you can begin and eat from my butt.”
– “Let’s do this too,” said the fox.
She goes  near the good donkey and it catches the fox before, gives a kick to go and still go. And the donkey who wanted our adventures, went on the grass and happy says:
– “Let’s not for me these, better get back to our field!”.


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