2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece – Tales and Traditions of Kalymnos – The vasiolopoula of Telentou of Themelina hat and Maria Zairi

Copied βασιλοπούλα τελέντουThe Telentos is a small island on the western side of Kalymnos. A small strip of sea separates the beach from the countryside “Myrties.” To discover upon arriving in Gaidouroracho location, which is high on the hillside and surprised, why do not you wait, the beauty of the landscape that lies before you.
When you look more closely at the mountain ‘ve facing you, see to form the various projections, as if deliberately carved by human hand, the body of a daughter reclining large face me.
Whatever you ask will tell you that the stone is princess of Telentou. For this legend I want to talk to you. In the old Byzantine (around 1100 – 1200) was the Telentos one separate state with its own king. They found many ruins of houses, churches, tombs we confirm this.
Another kingdom was also against in Kastelli, a small natural castle in the sea, beyond the “Myrties” where the prince lived Antronikos.
βασιλοπούλα τελέντου 2One day he went to the chase sequence in Telentos, where he met his princess Potha. He loved her and promised her to come back soon to get her to marry. The princess who loved the prince anxiously awaited the homecoming.
They passed however many days and months and the prince did not appear. Sometimes she was crying secretly chagrin, because she thought he forgotten her but she nothing could be this.
A night of Resurrection of Jesus Christ, when the operation was over, she went to the beach nun, it was below the church, holding the lit candle in hand. As the prince she was thinking again, she said to herself: “I’ll put a candle on my plank int to the sea. If it will go off and on, till the Castelli, I will say that the prince loves me still and he will come to take me as his wife. But if it will  turn off, he forgot he said that. ”
The candle was lit for a while and went over the small waves. But once blew a breeze, it quenched and sank. The princess of the sorrrow dizzy, fell overboard and drowned. The next day when it was  learned the news all became very saddened. And as they were turning on the mountain they saw the beautiful face imprinted in Telentos mountain  like we see it  today. “


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