2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece – Three little fish, by Kapella Themelina and Maria Zairi

ψαράκι γέροςOnce upon a time there was an old fisherman who went fishing every day, but could not catch many fish. One morning he went to fish, threw his hook and caught a small fish. When he pulled it up, sayd him the fish:
– You do not let me grow up I’m a little one and then you will come to get me?ψαράκι
And the old man took pity and said:
– Well, I let in, but how to say to a shout when you come back?
– Mind to say, replied the minnow.
He threw his hook again and he catched another one, and this was small too. And this is the same. It begged him to let it grow a bit, and say that the “Knowledge” to cry when he come back.
He grabs third, again the same, and because it was small. His name was “awl”. He  left it, too.
After a while the old man comes to fish in exactly the same place. Then began to cry:
– Mind, huh Mind, Come near me to catch you!
He hears a voice.
– If you were thinking when you got it me, will not you let me go. Now I do not come.ψαράκι1
He Shouts the second.
– Knowledge, eh knowledge, come to get you.
He hears the voice again.
– If you had knowledge you will not let me go. Now I do not come.
He was shouting and the third fish:
– Awl, Awl indirect, come to get you.
And he hears the voice.
– In your eye go: Let me mafines when caught, now Im not coming.
The old fisherman got sad and left without fish. When he went to the old woman and told her the incident she said:
– Well to happen to you because you believed what the fish told you!

It was offered by Michael Roditis, A3


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