Fairytales from Kalymnos! “The old man and the old woman,” by Themelina Kapella and Mary Zairi

λαχανίδες λαδολέμονο1Once upon a time there was an old man and an old woman. They lived on their own because they had no children. But they was loved and looked after one another.
One day the old man, who was going there, he found a metal (a coin of small value). Immediately he turned back. Once she saw the old man she worried.
– What happened to my old man and came back so quickly? Are you sick?
– No, says the old man, but I found a metal I came to see what we will do with it!.
In little old lady says: – I found it! We can buy candies  to a little sweetened our means.
The old man did not liked this idea, he said.
Come to your good, wife. Beautiful are the candies, but stick to the teeth. I say give nuts. He did it well and tell the old lady says:
– What’s wrong with my husband? Dont think that half the nuts are shells? Leave that many of them are deaf.
λαχανίδες λαδολέμονο2The old man thought it again. Well, then find something that does not have shells and will not stick to your teeth.
Where were thinking tossed over with the old forums and says: I found it, I found it.
– What you found so again? Let’s see.
– I found it. We will buycollard greens!  what she remembered!
He did not filled his eyes of the collard greens, but to say and the right skewed, the collard greens were not  shells and neither stick to the teeth.
So they bought collard greens, they cooked  the leaves, they put plenty olive oil of Kalymnos and they ate fine.
Not even the poster liquid of collard greens go of the hurt. They put on it olive oil, lemon and salt and drank it and they were very nice.
With the left over made and a little bed from leaves and brunches. Goes over the old man, but not the cot sank. Goes over the old lady is not sunk. Tucked and a mouse, and tsoup, going under the cot!
It was offered by Michael Roditis A3. We thank him very much.


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