Colegio Santa Joaquina de Vedruna, Cartagena, Spain


Many urban legends exist. Several of them attract attention on the persons who know them. Here we are going to show some quite entertaining legends.



Slender Man is an urban legend created in 2009 in the forums of ’’Something Awful’’. It is a question of a very tall and thin being, with completely white face without any feature and tentacles that go out of its back. He always dresses in suit and tie, like the men in black. The legend says that a being with paranormal powers chases its victims, almost always children. Slender Man turns out to be hidden in a corner with photos where the missing children go out, indicating who kidnapped them. Obviously this never happened in reality. In the last years successful video games and movies of Slender have been created.




The myth began to spread when people were buying exotic animals and when the crocodile babies were growing they were throwing them in the toilet so that they were finishing in the sewers, remaining there and the fact is that there is such the legend that went so far as to say that there were brigades of cleanliness that were devoting themselves to fight them.


But although it is a quite ancient legend, it continues today and the rumour will keep on existing although from a scientific point of view, the crocodiles are animals that live in warm atmospheres.



Urban legends on the Coca-Cola. One of the urban legends that are said is on the secret formula, if it had or had no cocaine and that’s why it was creating addiction, if it was containing rats, etc. etc.


There is the whole fan of urban legends about the Coca-Cola but that of the formula was very insistent. This formula was know as 7x and that was doing that is flavour was only and that its secret out zealously kept, enclosed one was saying that only less than ten people knew it in the whole world. This was an insistent rumour and later it was demonstrated that of secret it did not have anything because there went out a book published in 1993 by an American journalist where there was said clearly everything containing this secret formula. This formula was containing juice of lime, oil of nutmeg, cilantro oil, vanilla extract, etc. etc.


As far as the cocaine, it seems that in the beginning there were cocaine extracts but that later it was replaced with the caffeine.


With regard to it if there were rats inside the bottles of Coca-Cola partly if it had its reason because between 1914 and 1976 there were 45 cases of mice packed in bottles.


These there have been some of the thousands of urban legends that exist in our times, I hope that you should have liked and up to the next one 🙂

Francisco Lucas Orihuel

Andrea De Haro Vera

Antonio Barajas Yáñez

3rd. A CSE


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