Manisa Doga Koleji, Manisa/Merkez, Turkey

Fairy Tale

  There are so many fairy tale. I think everybody like fairy tales,because they are wonderful.


 Some example for popular fairy tales ; 

► Beauty and the Beast 

Summary :

Prince Adam was cursed to a beast form by Enchantress who saw no love in his arrogant heart for others. The one way he could break the spell was to learn to love another and earn her love in return before the last petal from his enchanted rose fell, which would bloom until his twenty-first birthday. But who could ever learn to love a beast? Ten years later, Maurice, an inventor from a nearby village, becomes lost in the woods and seeks shelter in the Beast’s castle, the Beast imprisons him for trespassing. His daughter Belle, a bookworm who dreams of life outside her provincial village, finds him trapped in the


castle and offers her place in his stead. The Beast accepts with a promise she’ll remain in the castle forever. In the beginning Belle views him as nothing more than a monster, he views her as difficult and stubborn. But the two soon taste the bitter-sweetness of finding you can change and learning you were wrong.


 Summary :

I  n a far away, long ago kingdom, Cinderella is living happily with her mother and father until her mother dies. Cinderella’s father remarries a cold, cruel woman who has two daughters, Drizella and Anastasia. When the father dies, Cinderella’s wicked stepmother turns her into a virtual servant in her own house. Meanwhile, across town in the castle, the King determines that his son the Prince should find a suitable bride and provide him with a required number of grandchildren. So the King invites every eligible maiden in the kingdom to a fancy dress ball, where his son will be able to choose his bride. Cinderella has no suitable party dress for a ball, but her friends the mice, led by Jaques and Gus, and the birds lend a hand in making her one, a dress the evil stepsisters immediately tear apart on the evening of the ball. At this point, enter the Fairy Godmother, the pumpkin carriage, the royal ball, the stroke of midnight, the glass slipper, and the rest, as they say, is fairy tale history.

Frau Trude 


Summary :

There was once a little girl who was obstinate and inquisitive, and when her parents told her to do anything, she did not obey them, so how could she fare well. One day she said to her parents, I have heard so much of frau trude, I will go to her some day. People say that everything about her does look so strange, and that there are such odd things in her house, that I have become quite curious. Her parents absolutely forbade her, and said, frau trude is a bad woman, who does wicked things, and if you go to her, you are no longer our child. But the maiden did not let herself be turned aside by her parents, prohibition, and still went to frau trude. And when she got to her, frau trude said, why are you so pale. Ah, she replied, and her whole body trembled, I have been so terrified at what I have seen. What have you seen. I saw a black man on your steps. That was a collier. Then I saw a green man. That was a huntsman. After that I saw a blood-red man. That was a butcher. Ah, frau trude, I was terrified. I looked through the window and saw not you, but, as I verily believe, the devil himself with a head of fire. Oho. Said she, then you have seen the witch in her proper costume. I have been waiting for you, and wanting you a long time already. You shall give me some light. Then she changed the girl into a block of wood, and threw it into the fire. And when it was in a full blaze she sat down close to it, and warmed herself by it, and said, that shines bright for once in a way.

Hope you like it.

By Merve Marina Rauh


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