Book Review : Children and Drugs

Book Title : Children and Drugsναρκωτικά

Subtitle: A useful book for teachers , parents and children !

Authors: Jamie Ratri , Bill Howell and IPB Singler

Publications : ” ERMIONI ”

ABSTRACT: DRUGS ! The deadly trap that now threatens children and young people. The harmful substances mined daily life of young people and their families. The death itself disguised in enticing promises …

DRUGS ! Learn in order to play a role towards the problem of incredible dissemination. Now, immediately before the child turned aside from the social entourage , sacrificing the health and future ! … Today children need to know about them and the danger they represent something that no previous generation did not have to know.

DRUGS ! This book is aimed at children in a way pleasing and instructive . The awareness for the dangers that lurk . Teaches them to avoid the challenges and equips you with useful knowledge that will preserve them, once and for all !

DRUGS ! To prevent the child needs to know !


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