Book Review : The hand on the bottom

το χέρι στο βυθόBook Title : The hand on the bottom

Authors: Keira Sinou , Helen Hook – Apostolopoulos

Publisher : Kastaniotis 12 +

ISBN: 978-960-03-0026-0

Case : The storm threw the sponge out of their way to Symi , forcing them to seek refuge in the inhospitable coast of Antikythera , was fateful because tidy not only on the life of the sponge and the history of Greek archeology. When the first sponge descended there at the bottom to look for sponges , startled eyeing a hand coming out of the sea plants . So I discovered the Antikythera shipwreck , which at that time had broken world. Through historical facts , the two writers , one diver , the other guide , find the opportunity to shape a compelling novel with lots of action and adventure , where the dangers of the deep alternating with the calm life in Athens in 1900 , through a tight text.


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