2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece

 Ελευθερία Γκιννή, Α1, Το προπατορικό αμάρτημα σε … comix!

Μακαρούνα Κατερίνα, Α2, Το προπατορικό αμάρτημα σε … comix!


Cane and Abel in … Comix! By Nomiki Argyropoulou, A1



The meaning of the words we have learned so far in the first grade


18/01/2013 – What effect have the words written below:

a) Revelation: Revelation is the revelation of God’s existence in man (Skevos KOULLIA, A2). It is the appearance of God to man to save him from his sins (Lazaris Michael, A2). God manifested in people and specifically to Abraham (Angeliki Projects, Legal Soulounias, A2). God revealed to the people of Israel and told some truths that could not understand themselves (Stelios Lazaris, A2). The revelation of God to Abraham, which closed a deal to save the world (Old Testament) (Argyropoulou Legal, A1). The revelation of the truth to the people of God (Roditis Themelis, A3)

b) Faith: Does the love of man to God (Skevos KOULLIA, A2). It is the love we have for the ultimate God (Michael Lazaris, A2). Faith would say to devote themselves to God with all the psychic gifts that gave us (Soulounias Legal, A2). Faith would say to think of everything to God in body and soul (Lazaris Helen, A2). The man loves God (Worshipful Heart, A2). Can I trust in God (Pantelis Mamouzellos, A2). To love God (Mahmoud Panormitis, A2). It means to love God and to feel it, not just say (Legal Argyropoulos, A1). To believe in God with all our soul, like Abraham, who dedicated her child to God and decided to sacrifice his son to God (Zechariah Faneroula, A1). Trying to be with God (Peace Karakatsanis, A1). Love meant that people have in God and do His will (Trikoilis Dimitrios, A3). The confidence we have in God (Harris Hatzidakis, A3). The obedience and love for God (Roditis Michael, A3). The devotion to one God (Frank Manolis, A3).

c) Blessing: Blessing of God in the Old Testament means that God offers a gift of life to people. (Irene Koutella, A2) He who trusts another (Stamatis lyre, A2). It is the wish of God (Anastasia Giachali, A1). It means that he gave his blessing to animals, humans and all creatures in order to become perfect, well as created them (Legal Argyropoulos, A1).

d) profession will tell promise. Promise of salvation God gave humans (Legal Soulounias, A2). The reason God gave people that will save them (Nicholas Soulounias, A2).

e) Will: It is the agreement God made with people (Peace Koutella, Michalitsi Koufos, Legal Soulounias Mahmoud Panormitis, A2).


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