Childhood of Jesus Christ at … cartoons! Enjoy!

by Nomiki S., B2

I beleive that we can find him in the temple of Ierousalhm.He goes there to do his prayers to his Father | Ok!Let's go...! | I don't know Maria.I can't find him anywhere!But... don't worry we'll find him.I'm sure.God will protect His Son...Maria,where you beleive we can find him ? | Where is my boy ,where is Ihsous ,Iwshf? Is God's salvation very near?And what we must do for this? | Could you please answer  some of my questions? | Yes,the God's  salvation is very near.Because of that, all of us must be prepared any time spiritually. | Yes,of course! Why you were looking for me ?You didn't know that i must be in my Father's(God's) house? | Oh!Here you are!!!Thanks, God! | My Boy,why did you do that to us?I and your father were looking for you with very stress. | Wow!What?


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