Speaking about the Orthodox Icon’s teaching of the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ

 εις άδου κάθοδος3Studying the Orthodox icon of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, one can understand that the image itself theologεις άδου κάθοδος4ically Resurrection. The Risen Christ, resurrecting the whole human race, as we see him pulling from Hades Adam and Eve, holding them firmly by the wrist, indicating that now no one can snatch them from him. Also, from the darkness comes to light people. The bonds of Hades broke, since Christ has abolished death by His resurrection.
For us Orthodox, the feast of Easter is the greatest feast of orthodoxy, because through the sacrifice which God did by giving himself completely, sacrificing His body and His blood, “exigorase us from the curse of the Law” . That is, up until the risen Christ, all mankind was in Hades, in a situation in which unfortunately led Adam and Eve, all people out of heaven with their disobedience. We lost the immortality of the body. Christ to be crucified, to be embroidered with the spear in His side, to give the rate of the blood, redeem us from spiritual death and restores to us the gift of life again. Brings back our words with him as a good father who lost his children and do everything to bring back with him.
The Resurrection so for us, it depicts the sacrifice of our loving father and restore all humankind in His Kingdom, the Divine-human lifestyle of our God, in heaven.
Today every Orthodox Christian is seeing the picture of the Resurrection touched and comes to pride, saying in his mind: “If my father (God) gave His blood for me, the least I should do is to value the donation of Sacraments of the Church, especially Confession and Holy Eucharist, observing the Law of God to be a real child of the kingdom of my Father. “

Sevasti koukouva, C2

εις άδου κάθοδος2 εις άδου κάθοδος1


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