2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece – An interview coach basketball team Kalymnos, Mr. George Tsiotsiou

An Interview by Helen Lazaris.

ΕΑΚΑ1Coach George Tsiotsios, EAK

1. How many parts are there? How many children are in total?
Part 1 boys elementary
Section 1 girls elementary
Part 1 boys 13-14
Section 1 girls 15-17
1 male
1 female

  2. Do you win to races? Playing outside Kalymnos?
We are in the middle of the standings. We play with teams from the Dodecanese

3. Do you think we have a future children EAKA?ΕΑΚΑ4
Kalymnos there are many children with talent and desire to learn a sport. The sport of basket helps children to become more responsible-cooperative and gain friends.

4. Since when was created the EAK and when you coach?
It has been established since 1979 and in 1992 renamed Union Atlantic Kalymnos (EAKA). Since June 2012 I coach.

5. Do you think that is good for kids who play sports?
Sport is the most secure way because it helps in the physical-mental well-being of the individual. It also gives many emotions (joy, entertainment).

6. Have plans for these children?
My main goal is through sport, gain values ​​in life and an enjoyable pastime for the rest of their lives.

ΕΑΚΑ3    7. We want to continue to train her children EAKA
Yes, I would like to continue the effort began this year on the team.

8. What ages of children are and what is the greater involvement of boys or girls?
There are children from 4-18 years old boys-girls. Traditionally, boys are more engaged in sports.

9. You need to have patience with the kids?
Every child has a different character and conveys different stimuli from the social environment. You need an individualized approach to each child. Patience and perseverance in what I do.

10. Are you satisfyied with the facilities you workout and what would you suggest to make the site better workout?
The facilities are inadequate. You need to create a modern stadium that children can work out safely.


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