Interview took Michael Lazaris, A2τένις3

A) How many children are involved in the sport of tennis?
Currently 35 children involved with the sport. There are 6 departments and 3 primary sections High School.

B) How many years do you do tennis ?
Operates 2 years and from the beginning Nick Gregory is Head Coach and creator of the CLUB.

C) Have you any amounts of courts and what other is the tennis of club?
It consists of 2 modern stadiums art (carpets). Also, there is 1 room with fully equipped gym, recreation services and WIFI.

D) Have you hits in away of Kalymnos?
The 3 appearances on Kos were crowned with success of children of primary school.

E) Is any future for children of tennis club?
YES if they continue to play sports.τένις4

F) Is it good for kids to play tennis?
Yes I think it is very good because it offers a lot to fitness and spiritual growth.

H) Do you have plans for these children;
The plans for these children to be more correct systematic work to improve in all areas.

I) What is the objective of this effort?τένις2
The objective from the beginning of creation and construction of facilities was to come as more children come to learn the sport, which was not in our island.

I) What are the ages of children and tennis club package which is in lieu?
There are children from ages 5-17 years and greater participation of boys.

K) Does it take  patience to teach the sport of tennis of children?

Of course it takes patience to be able to transfer their knowledge of the sport in all the different characters of children coming and ability.

L) Are you sattisfyied to do training establishments?
The facilities were made from scratch with the latest technologies and think it’s perfect for kids.

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