Genisea High School, Xanthi, Greece


Why are we mad about footbal? A Vesper High School of Comotini, Thraki, Greece, students’ work. We thank students of Genisea High School of Xanthi, shated it. Here is the translation :

Following the procedure envisaged by the ministry arrived on themes we were interested.
Our team chose the theme: sports. By brainstorming narrowed the topic in football.
We decided how we will work on the topic.

Confirm: Yes we are crazy football? What evidence?
Presenting groups, clubs, events and phenomena related to football, but references to the sport from areas not directly associated with it (such as literature, music, painting, etc.).

Many might wonder how and when football first began.
Even though it gives the impression of a modern sport, the truth is that this is a sport with a long history.
Also, we find sport in various parts of the world since ancient times.

In Japan in 1400 BC.
In the 4th century BC The Chinese were playing football and education considered part of the soldiers, their called “Tsiou Chios”
In ancient Greece called episkyros
The Romans called it chaspartoum. Played with athletes who were divided into two groups and tried to send the ball to the opposite end

The English football experienced by the Roman legions and later by the Normans players.
In 1314 m. X. the 2nd Edouarios banned football because it was causing noise, but never stopped playing.
In the 18th century football eventually prevailed and spread across Europe and the U.S.

Football in Greece appeared in 1899 following the decision of the Board SEGAS
The first attempts to introduce the sport in Greece were around in 1895
The first stage for the Greek football came 105 years ago in Athens, Piraeus and Istanbul refugees involved in the sport, but also by foreign sailors anchored in port cities
The new season of Greek football starting in 1919

Football is a simple game rules can understand everyone else, so I have friends all over the world

If someone was trying to describe the game to someone who does not know will say the following basics: Football is a team sport in which two teams take part of eleven players each. Played on a rectangular field of grass covered with two goals in each of the short sides of the rectangle.
The aim of the game is that players carry the ball into the opponents’ goal, without using their hands. The players of each team act to achieve this goal, while there is a goalkeeper on each team is allowed to use his hands in a designated area. The team that scores the most goals wins, and if you have obtained the same number of goals as the game ends in a draw or extended duration in accordance with regulations.

In this chapter we will try to prove that we really like football and it is a sport for many. We thought to do this by presenting teams, clubs, events and phenomena of football, but also references to the sport in areas not directly related to this.

National assemblies:
National team (soccer men)
Greece national football team under 21 (also known as National hope)
Greece national football team under 19 years (known as National News)
Greece national football team under 17 years (known as the National Children)
Greece national football team under 23 (Olympic team in Greece)
National team women soccer

Additionally, groups supported by organized supporters’ clubs across the country and even big clubs have such clubs around the world.

European or international events

Competitions Men: European Championship, Champions Cup (Champions League), UEFA Europa League, Super Cup
Women’s Leagues: European Championship, Champions Trophy
News: Men
Pan hopes (19-21 years), Pan Youth (17-19 years)
Pan hopes (19-21 years), Pan Youth (17-19 years)
Futsal: European Championship, Champions Trophy

League members are countries around the world, demonstrating that interest in football is global

At the international level are conducted following organizations:
– Asia-Pacific Championship
– African Championship
– League of America
– World Championship or World Cup
– Championship football in the Olympic Games.

Games – editions – View

PRO-PO and Betting
Newspapers on betting
Sports radio or radio
Sports premium channels and sports

Football and Violence

Hazel in Brussels, the European Champions Cup final between Juventus and Liverpool in 1985
In the semifinal match of FA Cup Liverpool – Nottingham Forest 69 killed and 200 wounded in 1989.
In Greece, remembering the victims of the 7 port Karaiskaki stadium that trampled by accident,
The dead fans from crack in Larissa
Dead PAOK fans from car crash in Tempe,
Hundreds of injured people and their unfortunate car vandalized shops and crowds of roaring supporters groups before or after the big derby.

Football in art

Reports but in football we have in the various arts.
With football have studied music, cinema, literature, and even painting and sculpture.
This though is proof that football generates interest around the world.

It is timeless and great sport history, the fans and the growing craze for football passed from generation to generation
Awakens old memories to the older, romantic mood
Is a simple game, and understood by all to see and to play
Is the element of collective identity, for many unites all those who love it, all those who have shared football habits, all those who passionately support their team.
It can easily be connected with national objectives and an element of coherence of a nation, a source of pride for this (especially in difficult times), but also a place to resolve national differences

The links between music and football is strong, for example in Great Britain. There was no organization involved the National England came not to a different song. By World in Motion New Order of the World Cup in Italy in 1990 to the Tree Lions Lightning Seeds for the European Championships in 1996, the National England has always had a song for every game

In Greece :

1) Lucian Kilaidonis – Starts the game 2) Mark Koumaris (Locomondo) – Goals
3) Vasilis Papakonstantinou – Greece
4) Jimmy Panousis – Rails everywhere
5) Children from Patras – Hey Alefantou
6) Nikos Karvelas – Ethnikaras
7) Song of Mikis Theodorakis for the National Team
Groups Hymns and songs associated with football matches
Known songs rearranging or changing lyrics eg Pick up the honored I can not wait …

Football and cinema

Football and cinema Like every popular sport such as football was often a source of inspiration for the world of the big screen:

Bend It Like Beckham (2002)
Offside (2006)
I.D. (1995)
The Firm (1988)
The Football Factory (2004)
A Shot at Glory (2000)
The Match (1999)
When Saturday Comes (1996)
Victory (1981)
Green.Street.Hooligans (2005)

Greek cinema and football

Goals in Love, 1954
The referee, 1963
Port 7: great time, 1983
Sunday heroes or Aces tri golf, 1956
Take it to the 13 Tunney ‘falls to us, 1970
The Pouskas Petralona, 1972
Rena is offside, 1972
Ya, Ya! or ace ball, 1972
The jersey 9, 1988
The hooligans, 1983
The Heiress, 2009

Football and poetry (Greek poetry)

Poetry: “Echo” by Andreas Embiricos
“Anxiety Experience” by Nikos Karouzou
“This is in the clouds” by Yannis Kontos
“Circle” by Maria Kyrtzaki
“Perfect Practice” Nasos Vagena
“Golf in Kieriou” Nikos-Alexis Aslanoglou
“Aytobiographia literaria” Haris Vlavianos
“Festive 1959″ Mars Dikteou
“Little ode to Kostas Davourlis” Thanasis Venice (The poet playmate)

“The fear of the goalkeeper” Takis Karvelis
“Terma” Spyros Vougias
“Tolis Kazantzis” Anestis Evangelou
“The neighborhoods in the world” by Yannis Ritsos
“Red Card” by John Ververi
“Sunday afternoon” by Christos Laskaris
“Zero – zero” of John Patil
“In the Fields” Mimis Soulioti
“A national” George Veis
“The soupergka wait” Dimitri Houliarakis
“The Post-Gaulle” Nikos Engonopoulos

Football and Nonfiction

Also many books written in prose, are the subject of football. Other than these are literary novels or short stories ie, scientific and others are trying to approach the phenomenon of football from a sociological and psychological point of view and others are on the coaching and technical soccer.
Examples include the following:


Strength training for football players – Ralf Meyer

Football – Manouel Bathketh Montalban
A religion without unbelievers: Football – Nick Bogiopoulou
The thousand faces of football – Antouarnto Galliano
The breed of football – Maurice Desmond
The culture of the land – Christos Zachopoulos
The war of football – Risarnt Kapisinski
Undercover football – K.Georgiadi-N. Asimakopoulou
The jersey

with number nine – Meni Koumantareas
The old schoolmates – Lefteris Papadopoulos

Football and painting – sculpture

While it may seem strange paintings, many large foreign and Greek artists are on their football. We present here some of them:

“Footballers at the beach”; Pablo Picasso (1928)

“Dynamism of footballers’; Umberto Boccioni’s


“Yve Triantafillos, by Tsarouchis


“The Olympiakos”  team”; Yannis Gaitis


“Football”; Mina Papatheodorou – Valyraki


Visual comment of the Apostle Giagiannos for football


Why are we crazy football:; What does the musiccinema and literature

To answer this question we decided to utilize some of the material collected and to study some articles dealing with the question.

Begins match -; Lucian Kilaidonis (Greek Singer) :

“Match begins emptying the streets; Time starts approaching the match; Begins match devastated the city; rampage and starts the match; Wow I like seeing scarves; Putting flags tucked goals; What unites us and how we vibrate; Him voice commentary

“Match begins; quit now; approached ‘time; Begins match; Begins match; Nobody shake sopaste; And the game begins

And if you understand what is to blame for all this Let me explain after!”

The song describes what happens when a great place football game
The city empties, because those are not in the stadium to watch the match, glued to their homes in order to see it on TV
The lyrics and the rhythm of the song reflect the longing and impatience that causes such a game to friends of the ball.

The second part describes the heady atmosphere of the stadium
Colors and symbols of the teams, scarves and flags, and the action of the field
I love it, vibrates: show how shocking and affects people watching a football game this phenomenon
Joins: indicates the collective identity, that football for many, joining all those who love it, all those who have shared football habits, all those who passionately support their team.

Goals – Locomondo

The ball on the kickoff; ball sweetheart mistress; ball of leather and plastic; struggle begins; into a vacant lot STOU Gyzi; ball go into the world with magic;; With play hard and chasing; But today will not catch me; MARK closely and as may; but today will not reach me; they want much more but i;; Why is a day for goals; {goals goals goals; son potty omega} (x3); today is a day for goals

In a vacant lot; we say the Maracana; Barca played Real Juventus; But in our dreams; say THA’RTHOUN our turn; someday play in the World Cup;; Thousands of hearts across the earth; would beat us with our own ; And thousands of voices as one together; would unite with our voice; When the time comes, great time
For t ‘grandest goals; {goals goals goals; goals} (x3); For the best of  goals

It takes us into a magic world
With the word (mistress) indicates that overwhelms us and controls our behaviors
Tough, strong, and aggressive game, with intense physical contact that creates competition
The goal is the goal of the game and the way in which the repeated word reveals the delirium caused by a goal and victory
Groups and tennis is a life dream for kids, fantasy for adults
Football unites all people moves across the length and breadth of the land
Commercialization of football, their sponsors, and gambling ads

Greece-Vasilis Papakonstantinou

The championship begins,
flooded the platform; doom is in each goal; Ma derby is set up,
and sold out in advance; and you choke on tone scarf

We describe what happens on the pitch when one football match.
The fans crowding the stands. The word “flood” indicates the large number of people involved in football and the dreadful impact that this sport has to fans of the teams.
But the game is finished from the beginning, the derby is rigged and only sold out and the fans fanatizontai of excessive love and devotion to the team, while behind their backs played great financial interests and made ​​terrible wrongdoing. Many fans though know this, again supporting their team.

Rails Everywhere – Jimmy Panousis

Railings, balusters, railings everywhere; minds and the railings;’s invisible enemy;; Bulgarians, Bulgarians; Costumes vazeles; whole nation worships; underpants and shirts

Presented fanaticism of the fans, to divide them into groups with opposing derogatory nicknames
The minds in football and is not engaged in the important, with those of concern to them in their daily lives
Worship underpants and shirts: football goes back to the fact of great importance while not as great
Instead enervate and misleads the public

We are the champions –  Queen

The football is presented as a game with a lot of money, fame, and that they imply, dating, travel, etc.
But this road for the champions is difficult. Nevertheless, the group should continue its way, because the victory and reach the top dislikes those who play football and go into this game of competition and the pursuit of the first and glory.

Bend it like Becham

Football is not only men but also women
The protagonist rebelling against the family environment, social conditions, religious beliefs in order to become a football athlete
Football as an expression of freedom as a means of expansion as a way to discover yourself
Highlighting the role of the image (Beckham) in the psyche of young

Green Street Hooligans

Description and analysis of the phenomenon of hooliganism
It raises issues such as violence, fanaticism, social misery youth
Young people who assault belonging to all social classes and defused through episodes
They ire because of the contemporary social, political and economic problems, but also personal, family problems
Hooliganism is associated with: the psychology of the mob and the fanaticism that hiding behind the mask of heroism solidarity and team spirit.

Victory (Group of 11)

The football used by totalitarian Nazism to mislead public opinion by offering ‘bread and circuses’
Also used as a means of proving the superiority of the Aryan Race
With the victory of the group of prisoners proved to be linked to national objectives and an element of coherence of a nation, a source of pride for this (especially in difficult times), but also a place to resolve national differences

The old classmates of Lefteris Papadopoulos

The role played football in his childhood. How has grown a whole generation through this
The pure old-time football, romantic mood, memories
The game is in open space, children’s play in a time of poverty, which was not easy to obtain individual toys from children and most simple materials manufactured with their toys
Pictures with the father son goes), hear the radio broadcast every Sunday or people watching matches ‘​​smuggled’ perched on a fence or in adjacent buildings).

He says (Lefteris Papadopoulos) : ”Those who have grown up in Athenian neighborhoods like me at the time that Athens was full of dirt and Alan, they love football. Not as much as fans, but as players. Why played football. And dreamed to wear, sometime, shirt, and shoes with sovrakaki racks. And to get into the stadium, to break and puncture gkolpost nets. “ ”The first time I went with my father to the stadium to see the AEK team was six years. The game became Panathinaikos watch as usual fromLycabettus Hill and AEK lost 2-0. We went home sick. I cried constantly. And I vomited. And Venizelos comforted, but already cursed. Mainly the Referee. “

The jersey with 9 of Meni Koumantareas

Football as a means of achieving personal goals of an uneducated new from troubled family environment
With his natural talent on the ball wants to win the football stadiums, to mind the colorful titles of sports newspapers, to be crowned king of Sundays.
Through football covers his insecurities, he finds himself acquires confidence. It is a means to make money, meet women, to gain status in the crowd.
When playing soccer forgets his troubles, there is only one, is the god does not need anyone.

However, selfishness, lack of qualifications and other misfortunes of life reveal how false and fleeting is the world of football
Presentation of the football establishment and the financial interests of space.

Conclusions; Eventually our football crazy because:

It is timeless and great sport history, the fans and the growing craze for football passed from generation to generation
Awakens old memories to the older, romantic mood
Is a simple game, and understood by all to see and to play
Is the element of collective identity, for many unites all those who love it, all those who have shared football habits, all those who passionately support their team.
It can easily be connected with national objectives and an element of coherence of a nation, a source of pride for this (especially in difficult times), but also a place to resolve national differences


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