2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece – Animals in disappearance

There are thousands of endangered species. The reason for their disappearance is that we humans kill animals for our own uses such as for wear, home decor etc. Some of these are: the turtle Hawksbill, everything , the white tiger , the Magellanic penguin , the Sumatran Elephant , the Amur leopard , the Iberian lynx , the Antelope Saiga, the mountain gorilla , etc.

 The Saiga Antelope αντιλόπη saiga

It is one of the most beautiful animals in the wild. However, in recent years the population has decreased by 97% . Deforestation , poaching and hunting are some of the main causes of this decline .

Gorilla of Mountain

γορίλας του βουνού

The reasons that these animals are disappearing because people illegally cutting trees in which they live thus caught in the traps of poachers . Today there are only 786 gorillas living in the mountains Virunga, Congo ‘s border with Rwanda and Uganda .

The Magellanic penguin

πιγκουίνοι του Μαγγελάνου

The reasons why it is endangered : climate change that cause them to travel more to the sea to find food , while oil spills are a risk of death for those in the seas move .

  The Amur Leopard

λεοπάρδαλη αμούρ

The Amur leopards live in eastern Russia . For those not so big problem is lack of food but the problem is the lack of predators . The food , which is insufficient to support large populations in forests. Currently there are only 135 animals living in the wild.

the Sumatran Elephant

ο Ελέφαντας Σουμάτρας

Due to deforestation in Asia more than 80 % of the population has disappeared over the past two decades . Because of this the elephants were forced to move to human settlements and raid homes for finding food . As a result , people are forced to kill them

Panda Animal


The population has been declining in recent years , due to lack of food in the mountains of southwestern China , forcing the animals to cluster in small isolated populations in different areas. There are only about 1,600 ever living in the wild .

The Hawksbill turtle

Η χελώνα Hawksbill
Sea turtles are under threat of extinction due to its striking patterns and colors in their shells , especially that which belongs to the species Hawksbill. The illicit trade but also accidentally trapped in fishing nets put them at risk.

Javan Rhinos

οι ρινόκεροι της Ιάβας

Javan rhinos are valuable for their horns used in traditional Chinese medicine as a powder , and just a pound of it costs $ 30,000. Today there are only 60 on record Javan rhinos and their decline is rapid.



Although the species is protected, poaching continues mainly for skin and use in traditional Chinese formulations. other factors is the destruction of their habitat and lack game . The last 100 years the population has reduced by 95 %. All species tiger threatened or under disappearance and three subspecies have already disappeared . The population in nature is estimated at 3,000-5,000 people.

Irene Ts., Irene S., Kalliopi R., Maria Ch., A3


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