λύκος-σκύλοςThe scientific name of the wolf  is the wolf dog, the dog genus of the family carnivores.

The wolf is a mammal of the order of carnivores. There are many varieties and breeds of wolves (American, Siberian, Chinese, etc.). Depending on the environment that it lives, its fur is white and gray to reddish black when aging becomes rough. Nowadays two kinds of wolves prevailing is the gray and red. The red one  living alone on the southeastern coast of the U.S. and Mexico, while the gray wolf  has spread around the globe. It prefers large dense forests. But sometimes it goes in lowland areas. In our country, lists the kinds of gray wolf, with brown hair and gray ridge in the highlands of central and northern Greece. Its length as 1.50 m, height about 0.80-0.90 m and a weight of up to 65 pounds. The body is designed to withstand both binging and starvation. It can eat up to 10 pounds of meat at  a single time and it does  not eat  again if needed for days, and it needs 1-3 liters of water a day. It lives an average of 16 years. It has a large head and pointed muzzle.

λυκόπουλαThe gray wolf is the ancestor of the dog. In spring and summer the wolves live alone or in groups of two and three, but in winter form whole packs. It is characteristic that the sexual instinct of the wolf  weakens when it becomes the pack leader. This is due to psychological causes. Females, after two months of pregnancy, give 4-7 cubs, which cater for a long time with the whole pack. A Cub can be tamed if it lives around people, but when it grows reappears his aggressive  instincts reappear .

In earlier years, wolves were numerous, but now belong  to an endangered species. That’s because they have exterminated themselves or their prey by humans by uncontrolled hunting and have also reduced greatly their habitats, forests, because of irresponsible human activities (forest fires, deforestation, pasture extensions, firebreaks, building sites forests, etc.). This limitation of living space often leads wolves, especially in winter  to  residential areas, animal pens and pastures where attacking domestic animals and cause great destruction. Their aggression and habit make them kill more animals than they can eat. Man is the greatest enemy.

The law prohibits the possession or wolf bounty and killing. The wolves have been removed from their natural environment and have lived in circuses or zoos. They can not rejoin the pack and survive. For this purpose, the Greek environmental organization Arcturus, within the Life Wolf founded the Sanctuary of lupus Aetos in Florina. It is a special venue for hosting such wolves. Generally, various organizations make efforts to protect the species, although this is often delayed by the protests, mostly farmers, who suffer from the attacks of wolves in their packs.

Evanthia Stefadourou, Joanna Chalikou, A3.


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