Participations and Certificates I took at on line courses I’ve earned!.

  1. Successful Negotiation : Essential Strategies and Skills by University of Mitchigan.


We learned about very semantic strategies to negotiate with people. It was very useful. Thank you Coursera Courses for life lessons!

2. Participation at LE Leadership in a changing context


3. Congrats us! Another award for our B’ Class Orthodox theology diary!

We received 100 visits to this lesson learning diary of B’ Class at Orthodox Theology Lesson!


4. We just took our Supper Tackker award for creating 10 assessments!


5. Badges of week1 at MM7 Course

Here are our badges of week1 we took for our participation at Moodle Mooc7. Congratulate us!

MM7 Reflections MM7 Week 1 MM7 Week 2 MM7 Week 3

6. We took European Quality Label to “Myths and Legends” project! We are so proud!


7. Participation to online seminar of European Schoolnet Academy : Developing digital skills in your classroom

Στον παρακάτω σύνδεσμο παραθέτω το σύνδεσμο για το ημερολόγιο μαθημάτων όπου έχω αναρτήσει όλες τις εργασίες μου.


8. Participation to the online seminar of European Schoolnet Academy : Introducing technology – enhanced teaching

Here is my complete Learning Diary of my homeworks on it!


9. Our learning event’s post earned a new milestone at Tackk! See it!


10. A lesson’s presentation at EUN School Academy by Learning Designer web tool! Enjoy!

We make a lessson’s presentation and its schedule by Learning Designer web tool, presented how we can study our lesson very easily and happily by web tool. Enjoy it!


11. Participation in on line courses of European Schoolnet Academy

Every time we participate to an one line course of every University or Academy we advertize our schools’ e-journals and announce how proud we are for our little worthy school. This time we’ve been known to these courses:

  1. “How to teach Computing”


how to teach computing

2. Games in Schools


badge-games at schools