Issue 1 – My country, My town, How we celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve Activities

Welcome everybody reading and discussing to Our European School Journal!divinglesson
Dear Teachers and Students of European Schools,

We are going to write a european school Journal which will include our interestings about friendship, environment, food, theater, theology, music, sinema, arts, architecture, fairytales, travels, fishing, hunting, diving, books to read, social discussion of our countries in Europe.

The idea is our teenagers could discuss among them, know eachother and announce in this journal their projects of their schools, everything will help them to communicate and learn with fun. The title of this journal has voting by the most of  students, the follow : “Diving in the oceans of knowledge”.

We wait your opinions and articles about and we be very glad to communicate and cooperate with us.

Best Regards,

Teachers and Students of our project.


2013 Wishes for Real Christmas in Your Hearts!

We wish you with all our Hearts!

Teachers and Students of 2nd Junior High School of Kalymn, Dodecanese, Greece


Happy New Year’s Eve to all you

Teachers and Students of our Hearts!


Wishing 2013 year be an opportunity,

living friendly with ourselves 

be able to open our hearts

to all people arround us!


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