A speech by Sir Ken Robinson, “Schools kill creativity”!

δημιουργικότητα στσχολείο “Our education system has carved our minds how we sculpt the earth: for a particular use. And it will not serve us in the future. We must rethink the fundamental principles by which we educate our children. There was a wonderful quote from Jonas Schalke who said: “If all the insects disappeared from the earth, in fifty years all life on earth would end. If the human race vanished from the earth, within fifty years all forms of life will be flourished! ” And he is right! What celebrates the “TED” (American Institute for education and modern manifestations) is the gift of human imagination. We must be very careful to use this gift wisely, and prevent the outdated training scenarios. And the only way to do this is to recognize our creative capacities for the richness they have and our children for the hope that is. Our goal is to educate its entirety, in order to face the future. Can we not see this future, but she will see. Our job is to help them gain something from it! ” Watch and enjoy new ways of thinking!



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