Istituto Comprensivo Statale “Francesco Querini” di Venezia, Venezia (VE), Italy

Teacher’s name: Diana Rossato, my avatar will be a pink happy starfish

students attending class 2B at I.C. Querini in Mestre (Venice), Italy. = 17

         Andrea 2b  andrea 2b

                    Chamak 2b  chamak 2b

                                  Zhi 2b

            Mimine 2b   mimine 2b

                Emmanuele 2b   emmanuele 2b

                Nicola 2b nicola 2b

         Davide 2B  davide 2b

Filippo 2B filippo 2b

               Paolo 2B    paolo 2b

             Angela 2B    angela 2b

                 Beatrice 2B   beatrice 2b

      Veronica 2B  veronica 2b

                     Alexandru 2B  alexandru 2b

                        Cidi 2B cidi 2b

                Proney 2B  proney 2b

                                  Gloria 2B

                 Riccardo 2B  riccardo 2b


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