The word “weather” and its meanings at orthodox church – Η λέξη “καιρός” και οι σημασίες της στην ορθόδοξη εκκλησία.

Enjoy our etwininning project’s isssu about the word “weather” and its meanings at orthodox theology by our school, 2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos at sway presentation

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Our Amazing Christmas Commercial Class!

Wonderful job! Congratulations to all your team! Thank you sharing!

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The credit for this class mostly goes to Kieran Donaghy and his fab Film English site, which our teacher uses a lot. Among many others, Kieran published there a lesson on the Christmas commercial featuring Buster the Boxer.

We were also inspired by Magdalena Wasilewska, who focused on the now-well-known tearjerker, English for Beginners.

We started off by discussing the first commercial, and then we moved on to discuss the “I’m your grandpa” one.

But there was a twist! 🙂

Our teacher told us to focus on finding all the similarities between the two commercials, and we figured they were:

  • a young girl
  • a dog
  • a family (mum and dad, or mum, dad and grandpa)
  • a Christmas tree/ornaments
  • gifts
  • emotions
  • family atmosphere

Once we discovered the similarities, our teacher told us to… design a Christmas commercial for a toothbrush! We were to use our findings in it.

Of course, the…

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Weather at Maths – Physics – Astronomy – Geography Sciences – Introduction video and instuctions – Enjoy!

Introduction video :

  1. Maths & Physics – Activity 1

Problems involving the wind speed, the quantity of snow, the temperature differences… proposed, exchanges and solved by partner schools

  1. Geography

Activity 1

Work on activity by teams

Activity 2

Work on activity by teams


Activity 3

Work on activity :

  1. Astronomy – space sciences

Work on activity :

  1. Work on activities about fauna and flora of your town concerning weather and climate differences, about helping fishing, sailing, sea trading etc. Write your opinions at wikis, or titanpad, or padlets, etc.