AMOS – A Museum at our school!

Today, on May 18, 2019, the World Day of the Museums, when Europe give respect for tradition and culture, we present you our cultural program, titled “AMOS – A Museum at our school!”

Enjoy our presentation, explore our Museum with its three original collections and take advantage of this presentation to see more of the Museum’s works in more detail!

We hope the results of our research will pay off the minimum tax on the seven thousands-years Greek Orthodox tradition and culture! 

Ο σύνδεσμος της παρουσίασής μας είναι :



Museum museum collection at our school on: Hagiographies

We greatly thank Sakis P. student of A3 in our school for his wonderful work and we congratulate him warmly. This work will become one of the museum collections of the museum that we shall create in our school as a cultural program. We created a video with the help of the interactive tool to enjoy the work of our pupil. Enjoy it!

AMOS- A Museum at Our School!!!

Participation and verification at Etwinning Learning Event titled : “Get Cyber Skilled”

Congratulate us! We ‘ve just taken our verification!


Dear Maria Panou,

Please find attached your certificate for the eTwinning Event Learning Event 2018: Get Cyber Skilled.

The eTwinning Team

Participation to etwinning learning event named : “Learning Event 2018: Tangible and intangible cultural heritage”

Participation to learning event of etwinning : Get Cyber skilled!

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Our final presentation of our etwinning project named : What’s the weather?

We proudly present you our etwinning project’s final presentation. Enjoy! We thank all teachers, students, members they helped us finish our very great study about.

Here is our school e-journal about our etwinning project :


And at youtube :



An amazing video about weather at mankind culture! Enjoy!