Colegio Santa Joaquina de Vedruna, Cartagena, Spain



This is my school in Cartagena. It is great Carmelite house. It was formerly a small palace, and now it is one of the best schools in Cartagena. It has more than 80 teachers and over 1,000 students. The school has: an auditorium, a dinning room for children who stay here to eat. It also offers various sports and leisure activities as wells as catechesis, and more subjects apart from English. The school has 2 playgrounds to separate pupils from 3 years up to 18, ranging from kindergarten to graduate school. The school also conducts various activities and events periodically. This is my beloved school.

Aarón Lidón

3rd. B CSE
Since I was three years old I go to Santa Joaquina de Vedruna School, where I have learnt too many things about maths, lenguage, french, biology, and my others subjects. Teachers from my school are people who like teaching, so we're so happy with them. My favourite subject is English because I wanna be an English teacher in the future and I like English a lot. My English teacher at school is Cristina, she is too funny and young so she understands us very well. She is a person who likes teaching us easily because she wants that all of her students pass her subject. Another subject that I like is Physical Education because we do a lot of sport but sometimes we haven't got enough time to do it. That's all of my School.

Maria Tallón

Belén Garcia Cervantes,

Ana Carrillo Martinez,

Silvia Rey Antón,

Rocío Rodriguez Sanchez

3rd. D CSE


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